Fast Facts About the GI Generation

  • From 1905 to 1924, there were 56.6 million live births in the United States. The GI Generation reached close to 70 million strong when you factor in European immigration. There are only about 5 million hearty souls left alive at this writing.

  • The GI Generation experienced the Great Depression and fought hard in World War II.

  • They were very patriotic and strong supporters of the American way.

  • They held their families together, made commitments, and kept promises.

  • Their word was their bond.

  • This generation had a slew of kids—the Baby Boomers.

  • They were savers and frugal spenders who left $7 to $10 trillion dollars to their Boomer kids.

  • They moved out of the cities into the suburbs.

  • They drove big American and European ...

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