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http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/leon_stigter-50.jpgLeon Stigter

A visual approach to building and deploying microservices

By Leon Stigter | March 13, 2018
Modern and digital experiences today are powered by the fine-grained units of execution we call microservices. However, building microservices isn't always simple—especially if you're not an expert developer.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/leon_stigter-50.jpgLeon Stigter

Integration Platform as a Service

By Leon Stigter | October 05, 2017
In this webcast we'll cover: What is an iPaaS? Why would I need one? What are common misconceptions when thinking about iPaaS?

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/daniel_bryant-50.jpgDaniel Bryant

Introduction to (Micro)Service Meshes

By Daniel Bryant | July 27, 2017
In this webcast, Daniel Bryant shows you what service meshes are, why they're well-suited for microservice deployments, and how best to use a service mesh when you're deploying microservices.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tom_peck-50.jpgTom Peck

Designing Reactive Microservices in Java

By Tom Peck | March 28, 2017
In this webcast, we will explore some of the patterns that Java developers can use to ensure their systems are resilient and elastic.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/adam_scott1-50.jpgAdam Scott

Building web apps that work everywhere

By Adam Scott | December 01, 2016
Adam Scott explores how to build web apps that deliver services for everyone, everywhere, covering a range of topics around building websites and applications that meet the needs of all users.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ken_kousen-50.jpgKen Kousen

Easy Persistence with Spring

By Ken Kousen | October 26, 2016
This webcast will demonstrate how to use Spring's JdbcTemplate to make accessing, storing, and updating relational data very simple, as well as handling exceptions and managing transactions using simple annotations.

Open Source 101

By Michelle Casbon, Heidi Ellis, Christian Grail, Gina Likins | October 11, 2016
Join these four seasoned open source contributors, as they discuss why open source is so important, how to avoid obstacles, and find the right solutions for your project.

Techniques for Successfully Moving to Microservices Architecture

By Asad Ali, Reinhard Pilz | September 29, 2016
In this webcast, you'll get a deeper look at 3 anti-patterns in microservices architecture that may cause significant performance impacts on your applications.

Open collaboration

By Colin Charles, Joshua Matthews, Salvi Pascual | September 13, 2016
In this online conference, you'll hear from three experienced open source developers and contributors as they share their tips for effective and rewarding collaboration.

The building blocks of web architecture

By Rob Allen, Andreia Gaita, Lorna Jane Mitchell | August 30, 2016
In this online conference, three experienced developers share some of the building blocks of web architecture: cross-platform development, webhooks, and APIs.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/alexander_dymo-50.jpgAlexander Dymo

Ruby and Rails performance optimization

By Alexander Dymo | August 02, 2016
Alexander Dymo discusses what really makes Ruby and Rails applications slow, what can make them faster, and the steps you should take to optimize performance.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/viktor_farcic-50.jpgViktor Farcic

Self-healing systems

By Viktor Farcic | July 26, 2016
Viktor Farcic explores the practices and tools required to set up fully autonomous self-healing systems capable of both reactive recuperation from failures and proactive prediction of steps that should be taken to prevent failures before they happen.

Turning big data into knowledge

By Robert Aboukhalil, Monal Daxini, Homin Lee | July 19, 2016
In this online conference, three data scientists discuss open source tools, methodologies, and processes for turning big data into valuable insights.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/amit_saha-50.jpgAmit Saha

Doing Math with Python

By Amit Saha | June 29, 2016
Join Amit Saha, author of Doing Math with Python, in this hands-on webcast, and learn how to use Python to solve calculus problems, make sense of numbers with graphs and statistics, do symbolic math with SymPy, and perform basic machine-learning tasks...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/v_anton_spraul-50.jpgV. Anton Spraul

The software behind the curtain

By V. Anton Spraul | June 29, 2016
V. Anton Spraul explains why it's valuable for to have a basic understanding of the methods used in the everyday software toiling behind the scenes and offers a clear, no-programming explanation of how web-based transactions are kept secure.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/lukasz_langa-50.jpgLukasz Langa

Thinking in coroutines

By Lukasz Langa | June 28, 2016
Lukasz Langa demystifies the core concepts behind asyncio, demonstrating how basic they really are.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tyler_neylon-50.jpgTyler Neylon

What Lua can do for you

By Tyler Neylon | June 23, 2016
Tyler Neylon offers an introduction to Lua, outlines some of its benefits, and demonstrates how to use it to add a read-evaluate-print loop (REPL) to your app and Lua scriptability to an iOS app.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/viktor_farcic-50.jpgViktor Farcic

Continuously deploying containers with Jenkins Pipeline to a Docker Swarm cluster

By Viktor Farcic | June 21, 2016
Viktor Farcic gets you started on your Docker journey, addressing Docker's challenges and outlining the steps you need to take to create a fully automated Jenkins pipeline that continuously builds, tests, and deploys microservices into a Docker Swarm...

10 best practices for high quality software development

By Zeeger Lubsen, Sylvan Rigal, Gijs Wijnholds | June 16, 2016
In this webcast, experts from the Software Improvement Group (SIG) discuss the 10 best practices they've focused on in their years of experience as software quality consultants.

Lessons from Real Life

By Ed Finkler, Jennifer Marsman, Heather Migliorisi | June 14, 2016
In this online conference, Heather Migliorisi, Jennifer Marsman, and Ed Finkler share their experience and offer practical takeaways you can apply to your own projects.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/craig_smith-50.jpgCraig Smith

The Car Hacker’s Handbook: Reversing the CAN bus on Linux

By Craig Smith | June 08, 2016
Join Craig Smith, author of The Car Hacker's Handbook, in a hands-on webcast that will give you a deeper understanding of the computer systems and embedded software in modern vehicles.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/fedor_pikus-50.jpgFedor Pikus

Practical lock-free concurrency (in C++): Part 2

By Fedor Pikus | June 07, 2016
Fedor Pikus covers the main differences between lock-free and lock-based programming and the reasons to write lock-free programs (as well as the reasons not to).

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ben_root-50.jpgBen Root

Introduction to the SciPy Ecosystem

By Ben Root | May 31, 2016
Join Ben Root as he offers a high-level overview of the SciPy ecosystem and highlights some of his favorite tools to get you started with SciPy.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/chris_dawson-50.jpgChris Dawson

Building Slack bots with Hubot inside a Docker playground

By Chris Dawson | May 24, 2016
Chris Dawson demonstrates how to write a Slack bot using the Hubot framework from GitHub.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/patrick_wolf-50.jpgPatrick Wolf

Jenkins 2.0

By Patrick Wolf | May 17, 2016
Patrick Wolf offers an overview of what's new in Jenkins 2.0, demonstrates how to configure traditional jobs and orchestrate delivery pipelines, and discusses where Jenkins is going in the future.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/evan_sparks-50.jpgEvan Sparks

KeystoneML: Optimized large-scale machine-learning pipelines on Apache Spark

By Evan Sparks | May 17, 2016
You'll learn the KeystoneML programming model, how to work with KeystoneML to construct new pipelines, how salient aspects of the KeystoneML optimizer work, and how KeystoneML achieves high performance and scalable model training while maintaining a ...

Emerging languages: Kotlin, Rust, Elm, and Go

By David Crespo, E. Dunham, Hadi Hariri, Ashley McNamara | May 10, 2016
In an online conference inspired by the Emerging Languages track at the upcoming O'Reilly Open Source Convention (May 16–19 in Austin, TX), you'll get the lowdown on four relative newcomers—Kotlin, Rust, Elm, and Go.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/fedor_pikus-50.jpgFedor Pikus

Practical Lock-free Concurrency (in C++)

By Fedor Pikus | April 19, 2016
In this webcast, Fedor Pikus uses practical examples of (mostly) lock-free data structures, with actual implementations and performance measurements, to cover the fundamentals of lock-free vs. lock-based programming.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/yakov_fain-50.jpgYakov Fain

Web Development in Angular 2 with TypeScript

By Yakov Fain | April 13, 2016
This webcast is an overview of the Angular 2 framework. All code samples are provided in TypeScript, which is a recommended language for developing Angular 2 applications.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ken_kousen-50.jpgKen Kousen

Seriously, Use Groovy NOW

By Ken Kousen | March 29, 2016
This talk will demonstrate how you can add Groovy to Java applications and simplify your development job immediately.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/arun_gupta2-50.jpgArun Gupta

Docker for Java Developers

By Arun Gupta | March 22, 2016
Join Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar, and Couchbase's VP of Developer Advocacy Arun Gupta to discover how to package, deploy, and scale Java applications using Docker.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/asad_ali-50.jpgAsad Ali

Java-Based Microservices: Understanding the Benefits and Boundaries for Your Application Structure

By Asad Ali | March 15, 2016
In this webcast, we will look into ways to optimize Java application code that uses the Producer Consumer design pattern by showcasing real-world examples from our own experience with Dynatrace server code.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/baruch_sadogursky-3.jpgBaruch Sadogursky

Spring framework: The ultimate configuration battle!

By Baruch Sadogursky | March 08, 2016
Almost every major version of Spring framework introduced a new way to configure the context: XML, Annotations, Java Config, Groovy... In this session Baruch will compare between the configuration styles by highlighting the pros and cons in each one ...

Strategic approaches to real-world architectural challenges

By Lawrence Finn, Robert Hurlbut, Juval Löwy, Alex Silva | March 01, 2016
Join four seasoned software architects as they recount larger-than-life architectural challenges and share their strategies and solutions for dealing with them.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/luca_mezzalira-2.jpgLuca Mezzalira

Next Generation of Frontend Architectures

By Luca Mezzalira | February 09, 2016
This webcast is ideal for senior frontend developers, lead developers, tech leads, solutions architects, CTOs, and any developer who would like to understand more about Reactive programming.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/sean_leach-50.jpgSean Leach

API Caching

By Sean Leach | February 02, 2016
This talk will introduce unique API caching methods to address the common performance and scalability challenges experienced by providers of RESTful APIs, and also discuss how cached APIs can protect against the latest security threats to web infrastructure...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jason_kridner-50.jpgJason Kridner

Taking the BeagleBone Cookbook recipes beyond BeagleBone Black

By Jason Kridner | January 28, 2016
This webcast will go over some of the recipes in the BeagleBone Cookbook that go beyond BeagleBone Black for connecting and talking to the physical world with this credit-card-sized computer.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jay_mcgavren1-50.jpgJay McGavren

Leveraging Ruby Libraries

By Jay McGavren | January 26, 2016
In this webcast Jay McGavren will show how to use the powerful functionality built into Ruby, and how to install new libraries with even greater capabilities.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/Sophie_Charlotte_Moatti_50.jpgSophie-Charlotte Moatti

Three Rules Every Mobile Product Needs to Be Successful

By Sophie-Charlotte Moatti | January 21, 2016
How do you go about creating mobile products used by billions of people? What are the new rules shaping the future of connected technology? Drawing from her work experience as an executive at places like Facebook, Nokia, and Opera Software, as well as...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/david_griffiths-2.jpgDavid Griffiths

Two-factor Agile Estimation

By David Griffiths | January 19, 2016
In this webcast we'll look at how relative sizing and real world data can greatly improve the precision of the estimates we make.

What’s New in Pi World: Hardware Hacking with the Raspberry Pi Zero

By Matt Richardson, Shawn Wallace | January 19, 2016
In this live hands-on webcast the authors of 'Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, 2nd Edition' introduce you to the Pi Zero, the world's first $5 computer. At that price point the Zero is uniquely suited for hardware hacking projects; we'll show you ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/emily_xie-50.jpgEmily Xie

Coding: Art or Craft?

By Emily Xie | January 12, 2016
Coding: Art or Craft? explores how we think about the act of programming through metaphor.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steven_lott-50.jpgSteven Lott

Hands-on Python workshop with programmer/author Steven Lott: Namespaces

By Steven Lott | January 12, 2016
In this hands-on workshop led by Steven Lott, author of 'Python for Secret Agents', 'Functional Python Programming' and 'Mastering Object-oriented Python' you will learn what Namespaces are, all the places we use them, using the three built-in namespace...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/simon_monk.jpgSimon Monk

Using your Maker Skills to survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

By Simon Monk | January 06, 2016
In this webcast, Simon Monk will discuss his new book 'The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse' and highlight some of the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other projects within the book and how they could help you survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/john_engelman-50.jpgJohn Engelman

Managing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

By John Engelman | January 05, 2016
In this webcast, we'll introduce Terraform and it's underlying provider and resource models and configuration language, discuss reusable modules, and demonstrate shared infrastructure using remote state.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/markus_eisele.jpgMarkus Eisele

Java EE Microservices Architecture

By Markus Eisele | December 08, 2015
In this webcast, Red Hat Developer Advocate Markus Eisele explores the possibilities for enterprises that want to move ahead with this architecture.

Building IoT Systems with Web Standards

By Dominique Guinard, Vlad Trifa | December 08, 2015
In this webcast, you will have a real-life encounter with the Web of Things.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/george_heineman1-50.jpgGeorge T. Heineman

Implementing Bloom Filters in Python

By George T. Heineman | December 01, 2015
In this webcast, George Heineman will implement a Bloom Filter in Python and demonstrate its predictable behavior using several examples.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/austin_bingham-50.jpgAustin Bingham

Mutation Testing in Python

By Austin Bingham | November 24, 2015
This presentation will begin with a description of the theory behind mutation testing, and then move into an analysis of Cosmic Ray, a tool for mutation testing in Python.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/stephan_spencer-50.jpgStephan Spencer

Reverse-Engineering Google’s Top Secret Algorithm for Fun and Profit

By Stephan Spencer | November 19, 2015
This information-packed talk promises both SEO fundamentals as well as advanced tricks and tactics that only the elite SEO experts know.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steve_pember-50.jpgSteve Pember

Groovy Options for Reactive Programming

By Steve Pember | November 17, 2015
In this webcast, we'll explore the varying definitions of Reactive and Reactive Programming.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/albert_sweigart-50.jpgAlbert Sweigart

Automate boring keyboard and mouse tasks with Python GUI

By Albert Sweigart | October 28, 2015
In this webcast, Al Sweigart covers the Python GUI automation techniques described in his latest book, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/rob_fletcher-50.jpgRob Fletcher

Introducing Spock for Java Testing

By Rob Fletcher | October 13, 2015
In this webcast, we'll start with an introductory overview of what Spock is, how it works, and why it's so compelling for JVM testing.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jennifer_kahnweiler-50.jpgJennifer Kahnweiler

Quiet influence: The New Wave of leadership

By Jennifer Kahnweiler | October 08, 2015
Learn how to implement the Quiet Influence Process and make the most of six natural strengths.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/yan_cui-50.jpgYan Cui

My adventure with Elm - the functional reactive programming language

By Yan Cui | October 05, 2015
In this talk, we will give an update on its progress and dive into some of the technical challenges we are solving.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/kevin_old-50.jpgKevin Old

Integrating React.js and Flux into an existing Enterprise Application

By Kevin Old | October 01, 2015
Using the latest build tools we will explore how to incorporate React.js and Flux into an existing large Ruby on Rails application.

Building maintainable software for sustainable business growth: 8 best practices

By Rob van der Leek, Željko Obrenović | September 30, 2015
In this webcast, two expert software analysts share a scientifically founded method to measure the maintainability of code.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/arun_gupta2-50.jpgArun Gupta

Refactor your Java EE application using Microservices and Containers

By Arun Gupta | September 29, 2015
This talk will provide a quick introduction to Docker.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/abraham_marin-perez-50.jpgAbraham Marin-Perez

Scaling Continuous Deployment with Maven

By Abraham Marin-Perez | September 22, 2015
This webcast presents ways in which CD can be scaled up so you can keep growing your application without sacrificing quality.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dani_nordin1-50.jpgDani Nordin

Effective UX Design with Patterns: Build and Leverage a Pattern Library for Rapid Iteration and Prototyping

By Dani Nordin | September 10, 2015
In this webcast, Harvard Business Review's Senior UX Designer, Dani Nordin, will describe the process we have been working on to document existing design patterns and create a working set of elements that allow both for rapid iteration of design prototypes...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ric_messier-50.jpgRic Messier

Preparing for a network incident

By Ric Messier | September 03, 2015
In this webcast, Ric Messier will explore: incident response policy, the importance of logging, gathering network data, legality of monitoring, getting some help internally, getting some help externally.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tanya_schlusser.jpgTanya Schlusser

Get ready for the office football pool (using Python)

By Tanya Schlusser | September 01, 2015
Here's a simple look at predicting game outcomes and choosing fantasy players using Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and a couple of years of historical data.

Build a streaming audio app with React Native

By Josh Habdas | August 27, 2015
In this webcast we will cover creating a simple React Native app to stream audio over the web from start to app store submission.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/scott_davis-50.jpgScott Davis

Hands-on with the MEAN stack

By Scott Davis | August 26, 2015
In this hands-on webcast, Scott Davis (author/presenter of Architecture of the MEAN Stack ) will give a code-first example of using MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS together to build modern, 21st century web applications.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/garrett_grolemund-1.jpgGarrett Grolemund

Easy, reproducible reports with R

By Garrett Grolemund | August 26, 2015
The R Markdown package makes it very easy to generate reports straight from your R code. This webcast will cover applying the same report to multiple data sets.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mahmoud_parsian-50.jpgMahmoud Parsian

Apache Spark Solution for Rank Product

By Mahmoud Parsian | August 25, 2015
In this webcast Mahmoud Parsian will present two distinct Spark solutions: (using groupByKey() and combineByKey()) for solving the rank product .

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/george_heineman1-50.jpgGeorge T. Heineman

Explore algorithms in Python with a GUI-based app

By George T. Heineman | August 19, 2015
In this webcast, George Heineman will demonstrate the principles behind kd-trees and how they can be used to solve a number of interesting problems, such as nearest neighbor and range queries.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/john_adams-50.jpgJohn Adams

Write RESTful web services with ASP.NET API

By John Adams | August 18, 2015
This webcast will introduce you to important concepts including OWIN, swagger metadata, cloud hosting options with Microsoft Azure, and OAuth/OpenID.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/neal_ford-50.jpgNeal Ford

Compare service-based architectures

By Neal Ford | August 18, 2015
Software architecture is a fast-moving, multidisciplinary subject where entire suites of best practices become obsolete practically overnight. No single path or curriculum exists, and different types of architecture—application, integration, enterprise...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/bryson_payne-50.jpgBryson Payne

Teach Your Kids to Code: Basic concepts with Turtle graphics in Python

By Bryson Payne | August 13, 2015
In this webcast, you will learn how to engage children from pre-K through college with short, interactive, visual programs for every age level.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/keith_welch-50.jpgKeith Welch

Build cross-platform apps in C# with Xamarin forms

By Keith Welch | August 05, 2015
This webcast will introduce you to Xamarin forms, and discuss its benefits and limitations. A real world example will be used to demonstrate how Xamarin can be used in non-trivial apps.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/david_eisenberg-50.jpgJ. David Eisenberg

Introduction to functional programming using ClojureScript

By J. David Eisenberg | August 04, 2015
In this webcast David will show you how to create a ClojureScript project, work with the interactive Read/Evaluate/Print/Loop, define functions, transform data with map and reduce, and interact with a web page.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/stephen_thomas-50.jpgStephen Thomas

Introduction to D3.js: Demystifying the challenges

By Stephen Thomas | July 29, 2015
This session introduces D3 starting with its underlying philosophy. We'll also walk through example code and see some of the nifty visualizations that no other JavaScript library can support.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/brian_sletten-50.jpgBrian Sletten

Testing REST APIs for a richer solution

By Brian Sletten | July 23, 2015
This Webcast will highlight the problems of sufficiently testing REST APIs while providing a rich and relatively straight-forward solution to the problem.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mahmoud_parsian-50.jpgMahmoud Parsian

All-vs-all: Efficient correlation using Spark/Hadoop

By Mahmoud Parsian | July 23, 2015
The webcast covers Pearson and Spearman correlations implemented in Spark/Hadoop.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/patrick_catanzariti-1.jpgPatrick Catanzariti

Real world magic with the Internet of Things and JavaScript

By Patrick Catanzariti | July 22, 2015
Patrick will provide an overview of what's possible with recent tech including Arduinos, Particle Cores (previously known as Spark Core), Tessel, controlling Android via on{X}, voice recognition and AI using Wit.ai.

Practical Java performance tuning

By Ben Evans, James Gough | July 14, 2015
This webcast takes a tour through how the code we write in Java is transformed into bytecode, as well as how execution occurs.

Introducing Cloud Foundry: Learn how to build and deploy cloud-native applications

By Sujay Maheshwari, Sam Gazitt | July 14, 2015
In this webcast, we will introduce Cloud Foundry — a Platform as a Service technology.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/rachel_andrew-50.jpgRachel Andrew

CSS Selectors

By Rachel Andrew | July 09, 2015
In this webcast Rachel will walk you through the Level 3 CSS Selectors specification with practical examples that you can use in your work today.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/joy_kesten-50.jpgJoy Kesten

Sonic Pi on the Raspberry Pi

By Joy Kesten | July 07, 2015
Sonic Pi is a tool for creating music by writing code. Students can make ringtones, remix songs, and create new music, all while learning how to program.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tal_weiss-50.jpgTal Weiss

Debugging for Java, Scala, and Clojure

By Tal Weiss | June 23, 2015
This session will cover advanced techniques that Java, Scala and Clojure developers can use to debug live servers and resolve critical errors in production quickly.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/alexis_menard-50.jpgAlexis Menard

Crosswalk: Solve Android fragmentation and deploy apps across multiple versions

By Alexis Menard | June 10, 2015
During the webcast presentation we will demonstrate how easy it is to package and deploy your application on Android and how well existing tools such as Cordova work with Crosswalk.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/bill_wagner-50.jpgBill Wagner

New features of C# 6 promote faster development

By Bill Wagner | June 09, 2015
C# 6 contains a wealth of new features that mean you type less and create more code. This means more time for you and your teams to do other things like go home, eat a meal, or just chill.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steven_lott-50.jpgSteven Lott

Hands-on Python workshop with programmer/author Steven Lott

By Steven Lott | June 04, 2015
In this hands-on webcast led by Steven Lott, author of Python for Secret Agents and Mastering Object-oriented Python you will learn Objectives and Special Methods Subject Areas.

Essential Languages: Nim, Scala, Python

By Matt Harrison, Andreas Rumpf, Jason Swartz | June 02, 2015
A solid grasp of programming language's core concepts is essential to writing concise, optimized and secure code. The three presenters today will give you insight into three different languages that could be the key to your next project. Andreas Rumpf...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/josh_varty-50.jpgJosh Varty

Hands-on with Roslyn — from fundamentals to writing code

By Josh Varty | May 26, 2015
Join Josh as we explore the basics of Roslyn and how you can get started writing code analyzers with Roslyn.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/josh_staples1-50.jpgJosh Staples

Building a 3D Model Viewer with AngularJS and Three.js

By Josh Staples | May 13, 2015
In this webcast, we'll build a simple 3D model viewer with Angular and Three.js. We will demonstrate how to architect a basic web application that allows a user to interact with a 3D scene.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/duncan_devore-50.jpgDuncan DeVore

Introducing Reactive Programming

By Duncan DeVore | May 12, 2015
In this webcast, we will explore the origins behind reactive programming, what it means to business, architects, and programmers alike, as well as how to leverage this new way of reasoning about system design through code.

Move Your Enterprise from a Table Centric View to an Entity Centric View

By Kris Heim, Jennifer Reed, Carl Zmola | May 07, 2015
You have successfully stored large amounts of raw data into Hadoop for advanced analytics. But now what? How do you analyze this data from a perspective that makes the data meaningful to provide actionable insight?

Gobot Is Go

By Ron Evans, Adrian Zankich | May 05, 2015
With surprisingly few lines of code, you can write interesting applications that tie together Arduinos, ARDrones, Spheros, and more... even all at the same time!

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/raymond_camden3-50.jpgRaymond Camden

Using Ionic with Cordova/PhoneGap

By Raymond Camden | May 04, 2015
In this webcast, Raymond Camden will introduce you to the Ionic framework. Ionic is a framework for hybrid mobile development that adds UI, UX, and other cool improvements to your development process.

Optimization from Code to Architecture

By Douglas Hawkins, Dan McKinley, Steven Pousty, Luciano Ramalho | April 28, 2015
In four hours, we'll take you from line of code to the big picture, including an introduction to microservices and David McKinley's session Choose Boring Technology on making broader business decisions.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dan_sanderson-50.jpgDan Sanderson

Building Scalable Web Apps with Python and Google Cloud Platform

By Dan Sanderson | April 21, 2015
In this presentation, Google engineer and O'Reilly author Dan Sanderson shows how to set up a Python cloud development environment, build a scalable web app using various Google services and tools, and deploy and manage a live application.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/kirk_byers-50.jpgKirk Byers

Practical Network Automation Using Python and Ansible

By Kirk Byers | April 15, 2015
In this webcast, you will learn about using Python and Ansible to automate various networking tasks including configuration templating, gathering network device information, and executing bulk configuration changes.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/doris_chen2-50.jpgDoris Chen

Angular or Backbone: Go Mobile!

By Doris Chen | April 09, 2015
This webcast talk will take an intimate look at two of today's most popular frameworks, Angular and Backbone and explore their differences, strength and weakness.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/spike_brehm-50.jpgSpike Brehm

Integrating Browserify and Gulp with Sprockets

By Spike Brehm | April 09, 2015
This webcast talk will tell a story about the open-source gem called 'sprockets-gulp' that we created to integrate Gulp and Browserify seamlessly into the Sprockets pipeline.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/juval_lowy-50.jpgJuval Löwy

Software Project Design

By Juval Löwy | April 07, 2015
In this intense webcast Juval Lowy shares his approach software project design, along with his unique insight for delivering software on schedule and budget.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/martin_naumann-50.jpgMartin Naumann

Web components 101

By Martin Naumann | April 02, 2015
This webcast introduces the four web standards that make up web components along with live code demos, then gives a practical example and how to use and style them in a web application.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/sumit_amar-50.jpgSumit Amar

JavaScript Development and Debugging Tools - A Deep-Dive

By Sumit Amar | April 02, 2015
This webcast talk will be an all-demo session covering several development tools built into the browsers (Chrome Developer Tools, IE F12 Developer Tools, and Safari Web Inspector).

Create Minecraft Mods In Less Than an Hour with Forge

By Arun Gupta, Aditya Gupta | March 31, 2015
In this webcast, we'll show parents and kids how to get started building Minecraft mods with Minecraft Forge, a commonly-used tool for applying gameplay enhancements.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/richard_warburton-50.jpgRichard Warburton

Object Oriented and Functional Programming

By Richard Warburton | March 31, 2015
This webcast reveals how functional programming can help viewers implement the SOLID design principles, as well as how a functional mindset is actually advantageous for achieving the holy grail of OOP: Encapsulation.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/scott_meyers-50.jpgScott Meyers

Effective Modern C++ live! Scott Meyers on void Futures

By Scott Meyers | March 31, 2015
In this webcast, Scott Meyers covers the pros and cons of void futures as a mechanism for event communication among threads. It's based on information in chapter 7 ( The Concurrency API ) of his best-selling new book, Effective Modern C++.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mathias_brandewinder-50.jpgMathias Brandewinder

F# for the C# Developer

By Mathias Brandewinder | March 24, 2015
This talk will compare and contrast F# and C# with live coding examples, illustrating why F# is an awesome language, where it shines, and how it fits.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/rachel_reese-50.jpgRachel Reese

Mobile App Development with Xamarin and F#

By Rachel Reese | March 24, 2015
For this session, Rachel will concentrate on the features of F# that make it uniquely and especially suited to iOS development, while covering both iOS basics and F# basics, so you'll have all the tools to run with your own app idea when we're done!

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/scott_wlaschin-50.jpgScott Wlaschin

Domain Modelling with the F# Type System

By Scott Wlaschin | March 24, 2015
In this webcast, we'll look at some of the ways you can use types as part of a domain driven design process, with some simple real world examples in F#. No jargon, no maths, and no prior F# experience necessary.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/josiah_dykstra-50.jpgJosiah Dykstra

Getting Started with Cybersecurity Science

By Josiah Dykstra | March 17, 2015
This webcast will focus on real-world applications of science to your role in providing cybersecurity.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/david_r_miller2-50.jpgDavid R. Miller

The NEW 2015 CISSP Exam. Brace Yourself (and prepare yourself)!

By David R. Miller | March 17, 2015
Are you interested in the CISSP certification? Have you been studying for the exam? Do you plan to take the exam real soon? If not....BRACE YOURSELF......

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/cassidy_williams-50.jpgCassidy Williams

Accessibility in the Browser

By Cassidy Williams | March 12, 2015
In this webcast talk led by Cassidy Williams, we'll discuss the Accessible Rich Internet Applications specification (ARIA), which enables dynamic, JavaScript-driven applications to work with a variety of desktop-based assistive technologies.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mike_amundsen.jpgMike Amundsen

REST, Hypermedia, and the Semantic Gap

By Mike Amundsen | March 12, 2015
This webcast illustrates the differences between CRUD and Hypermedia APIs and how you can design & implement clients and services that can take advantages of APIs based on hypermedia, not just resources and a tiny handful of verbs.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael_caisse-50.jpgMichael Caisse

Using C++ std::bind and std::function

By Michael Caisse | March 10, 2015
In this webcast we will explore how to employ std::bind and std::function to write better, decoupled code.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/bruce_hyslop1-50.jpgBruce Hyslop

Implementing Responsive Images

By Bruce Hyslop | February 25, 2015
Years in the making, a solution is upon us now in the form of HTML's new srcset and sizes attributes and picture element. During this webcast, you'll learn: when and how to use each of these new features, the status of their browser support, and options...

Hybrid Mobile App Development

By Holly Schinsky, TJ Van Toll | February 25, 2015
In this free online event, attendees will get a taste of some of the hybrid mobile app development topics we'll be covering at Fluent, in the shape of looks at both PhoneGap and NativeScript.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael_clarkson-50.jpgMichael Clarkson

Cloud Model vs. Traditional Model, Which is Right for You?

By Michael Clarkson | February 24, 2015
In this presentation we cut through the hype and help you decide if the powerful tools available for the cloud solve the problems your business has.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael_clarkson-50.jpgMichael Clarkson

Linux Security

By Michael Clarkson | February 24, 2015
This lecture will introduce you to each of these topics and start you on the path to a secure environment.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/anirudh_todi-50.jpgAnirudh Todi

TimeSeries AggregatoR

By Anirudh Todi | February 21, 2015
In this webcast I'll introduce TSAR (the TimeSeries AggregatoR), a robust, flexible, and scalable service for real-time event aggregation designed to solve this problem and a range of similar ones.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/anne_ahola_ward-1.jpgAnne Ahola Ward

SEO for Developers

By Anne Ahola Ward | February 19, 2015
This webcast is for developers looking to enhance their skills with regard to SEO and the requisite tools.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/josh_long-50.jpgJosh Long

Building Microservices with Spring Cloud

By Josh Long | February 17, 2015
Join Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long for this webinar introducing the Spring Cloud project to support building cloud-scale and cloud-ready microservices.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/josh_long-50.jpgJosh Long

Getting Started with Spring Boot

By Josh Long | February 17, 2015
Join Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long for a look at what Spring Boot is, why it's turning heads, why you should consider it for your next application (i.e., REST, web, batch, big-data, and integration), and how to get started.

Build a Game in Less Than an Hour with Unity

By Paris Buttfield-Addison, Jon Manning | February 10, 2015
In this webcast, we'll build a game in Unity from start to finish. Starting with some basic assets, we'll demonstrate and talk through the entire process of building a complete 2D game of Asteroids, complete with gameplay, physics, lighting, and user...

Five Swift Essentials

By Paris Buttfield-Addison, Jon Manning | February 10, 2015
In this webcast, we'll cover five important features of the Swift language, and talk about how you can use them to reduce the amount of code you need to write, to make your code easier to understand, and to extend the Swift language to meet your needs...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/rachel_appel2-50.jpgRachel Appel

Use SignalR To Create Real Time Software

By Rachel Appel | February 03, 2015
This session covers what you need to know to build a SignalR app that connects multiple clients instantaneously.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/juval_lowy-50.jpgJuval Löwy

The Zen of Software Architecture

By Juval Löwy | February 03, 2015
In this dense webcast Juval Lowy will explain his approach to large system analysis and design, using volatility to decompose a system into its comprising services.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/peter_bell-50.jpgPeter Bell

GitHub Flow - Easy Collaboration via GitHub

By Peter Bell | January 29, 2015
In this webcast you'll see how easy it is to use GitHub to collaborate on new features with your development team.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/miguel_grinberg-50.jpgMiguel Grinberg

Let’s Build a Web Application!

By Miguel Grinberg | January 27, 2015
In this live coding session you will watch Miguel Grinberg build a web application from scratch using Flask, the Python micro-framework.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steven_lott-50.jpgSteven Lott

The Five Kinds of Python Functions

By Steven Lott | January 21, 2015
In this hands-on webcast led by Steven Lott, author of 'Python for Secret Agents' we'll look at code samples for functions, lambdas, callables, generator functions and functions that wrap object methods, all of which are similar, but have some important...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mark_lavin-50.jpgMark Lavin

Testing Client-Side Applications with Django

By Mark Lavin | January 20, 2015
During the session we'll examine a simple REST API with Django connected to a single page application built with Backbone.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jim_blandy-50.jpgJim Blandy

The Rust Programming Language: Fast, Safe, and Beautiful

By Jim Blandy | January 20, 2015
Rust is a new programming language offering the performance and control over memory of C and C++, combined with a type system that catches memory leaks, null pointer fetches, dangling pointers, and even the nastier thread interactions.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ken_kousen-50.jpgKen Kousen

Gradle for Android

By Ken Kousen | January 13, 2015
In this webcast the impact of the Gradle plugin on Android development will be demonstrated through a series of applications created inside Android Studio.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/josh_owens-50.jpgJosh Owens

Building a Realtime Mobile App with Meteor and Cordova

By Josh Owens | January 13, 2015
Join Meteor expert Josh Owens as he walks through live coding a Meteor.js app from scratch and gets it working with the built-in cordova support.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dan_woods2-50.jpgDan Woods

Ratpack Web Framework

By Dan Woods | January 13, 2015
This webcast will showcase some of the features of the framework through live demonstrations.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jason_krol-50.jpgJason Krol

Rapid Prototyping Web Applications Using Node.js and MongoDB

By Jason Krol | January 07, 2015
In this hands-on webcast you will learn how to leverage Node.js and Express.js to quickly bootstrap a web server, tie in MongoDB to persist data, and display it all using dynamic HTML templates.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mark_richards2-50.jpgMark Richards

Software Architecture Patterns

By Mark Richards | January 06, 2015
During this webcast I will discuss several common architecture patterns, including the traditional layered architecture, microservices architecture, space-based architecture, event-driven architecture, and microkernel architecture.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/andreas_antonopoulos.jpgAndreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin and the Future of Money

By Andreas Antonopoulos | December 17, 2014
Join this webcast to learn what bitcoin is, what makes it special, how to get it and how to use it.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/john_russell-2.jpgJohn Russell

Getting Started with Impala - Interactive SQL for Apache Hadoop

By John Russell | December 04, 2014
You can write, tune, and port SQL queries and other statements for a Big Data environment using Impala, the open source, MPP SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop.

Bitcoin for the Befuddled

By Conrad Barski, M.D., Chris Wilmer | December 03, 2014
Conrad and Chris tackle the highly technical (and sometimes confusing) subject of Bitcoin, from exploring why the idea is not as stupid as it sounds at first, to explaining advanced topics like decentralized transaction ordering, digital signatures, ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steven_feuerstein-1.jpgSteven Feuerstein

Coding Therapy for Software Developers

By Steven Feuerstein | December 03, 2014
In this webcast Steven will address and offer an intensive coding therapy session (including couples therapy, dream therapy, game theory, and shock therapy) to help all attendees come to grips with their innate, unavoidable issues , making it easier ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/nate_cooper-50.jpgNate Cooper

Building a Website with WordPress

By Nate Cooper | November 19, 2014
In this quick overview we'll talk about what WordPress is and isn't. You should get a good sense of why WordPress might be a good fit for your next website project.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/marc_rochkind-50.jpgMarc Rochkind

Using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS to Build Your First Chrome App

By Marc Rochkind | November 14, 2014
Even if you have minimal JavaScript experience, you can create powerful Google Chrome Apps with conventional HTML web technologies.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/matt_frisbie-50.jpgMatt Frisbie

What Lies Ahead for AngularJS

By Matt Frisbie | November 13, 2014
This webcast takes a code-level look at some of the recent framework modifications, as well as upcoming changes and additions expected in the 2.0 release and beyond.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/anthony_lewis-50.jpgAnthony Lewis

Rails 4 Application Security

By Anthony Lewis | November 12, 2014
In this webcast you will learn about injection attacks, cross site scripting, cross site request forgery, and authorization errors, as well as Rails-specific vulnerabilities such as mass assignment.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/sameer_farooqui-50.jpgSameer Farooqui

Spark + Cassandra: Technical Integration Details

By Sameer Farooqui | November 12, 2014
This webcast will cover an architecture deep dive around how the Apache Cassandra database integrates with the Apache Spark computation engine.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/rob_larsen-50.jpgRob Larsen

Wild World Web: Web Development in a World of Ever-Changing Browsers, Platforms & Compatibilities

By Rob Larsen | November 11, 2014
This webcast will show you how to approach compatibility in a nimble way and will help you to solve problems confidently when you're faced with the web's uncertainty.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/matthew_kirk-50.jpgMatthew Kirk

Thoughtful Machine Learning: Sentiment Analysis Using Support Vector Machines in Ruby

By Matthew Kirk | November 11, 2014
Join us for this webcast where we'll go detecting sentiment in tweets using support vector machines.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mark_lavin-50.jpgMark Lavin

Creating Enriching Web Applications with Django and Backbone.js

By Mark Lavin | November 06, 2014
Django and Backbone are two of the most popular frameworks for web backends and frontends respectively and this webcast will talk about how to use them together effectively.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jeff_harrell-50.jpgJeff Harrell

Kraken.js - Bringing Open Source to the Enterprise

By Jeff Harrell | November 04, 2014
In this webcast led by Jeff Harrel, you'll learn the story of how we changed our enterprise culture and started giving back to the open source community.

Get Up and Running with Joomla 3!

By Jennifer Gress, Ron Severdia | October 28, 2014
Whether your converting from a older Joomla version or starting a new Joomla 3 website, Ron Severdia and Jennifer Gress will guide you through an overview of the process for installation, migration, and template updates/customizations.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/luis_pedro_coelho-50.jpgLuis Pedro Coelho

Penalized Linear Regression in Python

By Luis Pedro Coelho | October 22, 2014
In this webcast, learn how to use Ipython notebooks and scikit-learn to explore a dataset with different forms of regression and how to choose between them for your specific problem.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Responsive Web Design Bootcamp

By Jonathan Stark | October 16, 2014
Follow along as Jonathan demonstrates how simple it is to package a responsive web app to run natively on 10+ platforms using cutting edge tools from PhoneGap, Mozilla, Twilio, Pebble, and more.

Become a Mobile Application Performance Genius

By Maximiliano Firtman, Steve Fox | October 07, 2014
The webcast will feature a live demo of Foglight Application Performance Monitoring SaaS Edition.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/patrick_wendell-50.jpgPatrick Wendell

Spark 1.1 and Beyond!

By Patrick Wendell | October 02, 2014
In this webcast, Patrick Wendell from Databricks will be speaking about Spark's new 1.1 release.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/emma_jane_westby.jpgEmma Jane Hogbin Westby

Git for Grown-ups

By Emma Jane Hogbin Westby | October 01, 2014
We'll kick off this session with an explanation of why Git is so freaking hard to learn. Then we'll flip the tables and make YOU (not Git) the centre of attention.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/chuck_yarbrough-50.jpgChuck Yarbrough

Building a Data Refinery

By Chuck Yarbrough | September 23, 2014
Join this conversation with Ben Lorica from O'Reilly Media and Chuck Yarbrough from Pentaho as they discuss the merits and advantages of a big data refinery, and learn for yourself if this emerging architecture is right for your organization.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Support Everything: Building Apps that Run Everywhere with HTML5, REST, and JSON

By Jonathan Stark | September 18, 2014
Follow along as Jonathan demonstrates how simple it is to package a responsive web app to run natively on 10+ platforms using cutting edge tools from PhoneGap, Mozilla, Twilio, Pebble, and more.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/gary_garber-50.jpgGary Garber

LEGO EV3 vs. VEX IQ Robotics, a Comparison in Sensor Control Systems

By Gary Garber | September 04, 2014
In this webcast Gary Garber will present a comparison of LEGO EV3 and VEX IQ robotics platforms.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/brett_lantz-50.jpgBrett Lantz

Understanding Complexity by Clustering Data with Machine Learning and R

By Brett Lantz | August 28, 2014
In this webcast, we'll explore how R's open-source clustering packages can discover patterns in large data and inform our understanding of complex sociological phenomena such as teenage identities.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/gabriele_lanaro-50.jpgGabriele Lanaro

Writing Faster Applications with Python

By Gabriele Lanaro | August 27, 2014
In this webcast you will: learn the best tips and tricks to get the most out of the NumPy library and upgrade your applications' performances by using parallel processing.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

The Glanceable Web: Extending Web Apps to Smart Watches

By Jonathan Stark | August 21, 2014
Follow along as Jonathan shows you how to extend a web app to display glanceable information on a Pebble smart watch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jeroen_janssens-50.jpgJeroen Janssens

Data Science at the Command Line

By Jeroen Janssens | August 20, 2014
Whether you're entirely new to the command line or already dream in shell scripts, by the end of this webcast you will have a solid understanding of how to leverage the power of the command line for your next data science project.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/darren_jones-50.jpgDarren Jones

Sinatra - Classy Web Development in Ruby

By Darren Jones | August 19, 2014
This webcast will introduce web development using Sinatra. Sinatra is a small domain specific language written in Ruby that can be used for creating web applications, APIs as well as large-scale database-driven modular sites.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mike_amundsen.jpgMike Amundsen

API Design Methodology

By Mike Amundsen | August 14, 2014
In this webcast Mike Amundsen describes a clear methodology for designing Web APIs (based on the book RESTful Web APIs by Richardson and Amundsen) that allow you to map key aspects of your business into a usable, scalable, and flexible interface that...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/lee_boonstra-50.jpgLee Boonstra

Apps for the Multi-device World

By Lee Boonstra | August 13, 2014
In this webcast, Lee Boonstra, technical trainer at Sencha, will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities of developing for a multi-device world and how Sencha can help you create better experiences.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/olivier_grisel-50.jpgOlivier Grisel

What’s New in Scikit-learn 0.15 and What’s Cooking in the Development Branch?

By Olivier Grisel | August 13, 2014
This webcast will introduce scikit-learn, an Open Source project for Machine Learning in Python and review some new features from the recent 0.15 release such as faster randomized ensemble of decision trees and optimization for the memory usage when ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/spike_brehm-50.jpgSpike Brehm

In Pursuit of the Holy Grail: Building Isomorphic JavaScript Apps

By Spike Brehm | August 07, 2014
In our experience building isomorphic JavaScript apps at Airbnb, we have found that the inherent challenges can be separated into two areas: Writing Isomorphic Application Code and Building and Bundling.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/donald_miner-50.jpgDonald Miner

An introduction to Apache Accumulo

By Donald Miner | August 05, 2014
This webcast will cover the basics of Apache Accumulo architecture and how it works, along with examples of how it is used.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/yakov_fain-50.jpgYakov Fain

Introduction to JavaScript: More than a Pretty Face

By Yakov Fain | August 05, 2014
This fast-paced presentation will introduce you to JavaScript, highlighting how it differs from the classical object-oriented way of programming.

Up Your R Game

By Bill Franks, James Taylor | July 29, 2014
This webcast discusses requirements for R as it evolves into a big data and enterprise-analytic solution and presents a novel approach to make Open source R massively scalable, reliable, and easy to use.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Debugging Mobile Web Apps: Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Techniques

By Jonathan Stark | July 24, 2014
Follow along as Jonathan demonstrates how - and when - to use the latest and greatest tools and techniques to debug the mobile web.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/pete_warden2-50.jpgPete Warden

How to Get Started with Deep Learning in Computer Vision

By Pete Warden | July 24, 2014
In this webcast Pete Warden will walk through some popular open-source tools from the academic world, and show you step-by-step how to process images with them.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/sarah_guido-50.jpgSarah Guido

Analyzing Data with Python

By Sarah Guido | July 09, 2014
In this webcast led by Sarah Guido, you'll get a bird's eye overview of some of the best tools for data analysis and how you can apply them to your workflow.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/richard_grimmett-50.jpgRichard Grimmett

Building Amazing Robots with the BeagleBone Black

By Richard Grimmett | June 26, 2014
This webcast provides both motivation and direction that begins with the unpacking of the BeagleBone Black, the brain of the system, and continues all the way through adding hardware to provide a fully functional, walking, talking, listening, seeing...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/yves_hilpisch-1.jpgYves Hilpisch

Derivatives Analytics with Python

By Yves Hilpisch | June 24, 2014
In this webcast you will learn how Python can be used for Derivatives Analytics and Financial Engineering.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/alice_zheng1-50.jpgAlice Zheng

Scalable Data Science on a Laptop

By Alice Zheng | June 24, 2014
In this webcast, we'll demonstrate doing scalable data science using GraphLab Create, an end-to-end platform for prototyping and deploying data products.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/elliot_williams-50.jpgElliot Williams

Building your Own USB Devices for AVR with the V-USB Library

By Elliot Williams | June 20, 2014
This webcast will walk you through two example projects: a custom scrollwheel mouse and a USB temperature controller.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/kirsten_hunter-50.jpgKirsten Hunter

Designing Irresistible APIs

By Kirsten Hunter | June 19, 2014
In this webcast led by Kirsten Jones, you'll learn what you need to know to design, plan and execute a successful, engaging API and how to avoid common pitfalls.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Modern Web Design with Progressive Enhancement, Responsive Design, and CSS3

By Jonathan Stark | June 19, 2014
Follow along with Jonathan Stark as he uses progressive enhancement, responsive design, and cutting edge CSS3 techniques to build a sophisticated user interface that will run virtually everywhere.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/joseph_howse-50.jpgJoseph Howse

Training Intelligent Camera Systems with Python and OpenCV

By Joseph Howse | June 17, 2014
Monty Python's Flying Circus had a cat detector van so, in this webcast, we use Python to make our very own cat detector and recognizer. More generally, we cover the process of training a detector for any class of object and a recognizer for any unique...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mikio_braun-50.jpgMikio Braun

Data Analysis on Streams

By Mikio Braun | June 12, 2014
In this webcast, Mikio Braun will discuss building reliable and efficient solutions for real-time data analysis, including approaches that rely on scaling--both batch-oriented (such as MapReduce), and stream-oriented (such as Apache Storm and Apache ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/alex_vanston-50.jpgAlex Vanston

User Authentication with Angular.JS

By Alex Vanston | June 06, 2014
This webcast offers a case study on how to handle user authentication within Angular.JS. and will cover multiple aspects of the authentication flow.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/harry_percival-50.jpgHarry Percival

Outside-in TDD and Unit Test Isolation with Python, Django and Selenium

By Harry Percival | June 05, 2014
This webcast will explore the methodology of outside-in test-driven development (TDD), as applied to a web application.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/paco_nathan.jpgPaco Nathan

Computational Thinking: Just Enough Math

By Paco Nathan | June 04, 2014
In the webcast, we'll review some of the historical context that led to machine learning techniques.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/theresa_neil-50.jpgTheresa Neil

Rethinking Mobile Tutorials: Which Patterns Really Work?

By Theresa Neil | June 03, 2014
In this webcast, we'll look at why many common tutorial patterns are ineffective and how you can leverage game design principles to increase user engagement.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/don_wilcher-50.jpgDon Wilcher

Create Cool Projects with Arduino and Electronics!

By Don Wilcher | May 29, 2014
Congratulations! You are the proud owner of the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack. But now what? In this webcast, we will highlight several Arduino projects you can create using this kit and learn about electronics while building fun devices.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/richard_reese.jpgRichard Reese

Function Pointers in C

By Richard Reese | May 22, 2014
The basics of function pointers will be introduced followed by examples of their use and common issues that arise from their use.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ethan_brown.jpgEthan Brown

Leveraging the Google Maps API with Express

By Ethan Brown | May 20, 2014
In this webcast we will learn to build a simple website with Express that has integrated mapping and learn to use Codio: all you need is a browser!

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Real-World Responsive Design: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Entertainment Weekly Redesign

By Jonathan Stark | May 15, 2014
Join Jonathan for a behind-the-scenes look at what did - and didn't - work on the responsive redesign of the Entertainment Weekly mobile site.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/miguel_grinberg-50.jpgMiguel Grinberg

Python Web Development with Flask

By Miguel Grinberg | May 13, 2014
In this webcast, we'll provide an overview of Flask, full of examples that you can download and try.

Beginning NFC with PhoneGap and Arduino

By Don Coleman, Tom Igoe, Brian Jepson | April 29, 2014
Don Coleman, Tom Igoe, and Brian Jepson (authors of Beginning NFC ) will introduce you to Near Field Communication using Android phones, Arduino, and NFC readers for computers and Arduino.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ryan_neufeld-50.jpgRyan Neufeld

Building Web Applications in Clojure

By Ryan Neufeld | April 24, 2014
The most difficult part of mastering any language is knowing how to apply it, in an idiomatic way, to tasks that real software developers encounter every day. This is especially true of Clojure. Join us for a look at the basics of developing web applications...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/richard_warburton-50.jpgRichard Warburton

Simplifying Java 8 with Lambdas

By Richard Warburton | April 23, 2014
We'll go through a series of code examples, that show how to: use the new lambda expressions feature, write more readable and faster collections processing code using the Streams API, build complex data processing systems with the new collector abstraction...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/yakov_fain-50.jpgYakov Fain

Seven Versions of One Web Application

By Yakov Fain | April 22, 2014
This webcast talk is a fast paced comparison of different ways of developing HTML5 Web applications.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Cross-Platform Perfection: What To Do When Media Queries Aren't Enough

By Jonathan Stark | April 17, 2014
Follow along as Jonathan walks you through a range of tools and techniques that allow you to return highly-optimized, custom markup, CSS, and JavaScript to users on any device.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dani_nordin1-50.jpgDani Nordin

Better Drupal UX Design with Savvy User Research

By Dani Nordin | March 27, 2014
UX Designer and Drupal for Designers author Dani Nordin will share techniques she has used to help web teams uncover the true needs of their audience and create better projects.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/eric_redmond-50.jpgEric Redmond

Programming Google Glass

By Eric Redmond | March 25, 2014
Any developer with experience programming web services or smartphone applications need only make a short leap in their XU (user experience) sensibilities, and a few new tools, to program Google Glass.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Building Apps that Run Everywhere with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap

By Jonathan Stark | March 20, 2014
Follow along as Jonathan builds a web app that runs on a huge range of browsers using jQuery Mobile, and then packages it for distribution on app store distribution with PhoneGap Build.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/elliot_williams-50.jpgElliot Williams

Beyond the Arduino: Programming AVR Microcontrollers in C

By Elliot Williams | March 18, 2014
In this webcast, we'll dive straight into the deep end. I'll show you what you need to get started programming the AVR ATMega (and ATTiny) series microcontrollers, give you an overview of their built-in peripherals, and demonstrate most of the important...

Tim O'Reilly and Jim Stogdill Explore Software / Hardware / Everywhere

By Tim O'Reilly, Jim Stogdill | March 12, 2014
Join Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, and Jim Stogdill, who leads O'Reilly's Solid, in a live-streamed conversation about the current state of the convergence of hardware and software, what this means beyond the Internet of Things, new...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael_fogus-50.jpgMichael Fogus

The Shape of Functional Programming

By Michael Fogus | March 07, 2014
In this webcast talk I'll run through the basic concepts behind functional programming using JavaScript and build up to more complicated topics along the way.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/eric_elliott.jpgEric Elliott

Modular JavaScript with NPM and Node Modules

By Eric Elliott | March 07, 2014
Learn how to use Node style modules for both Node and front end development.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/adam_kawa-50.jpgAdam Kawa

Hadoop Adventures at Spotify

By Adam Kawa | February 27, 2014
In this webcast talk led by Adam Kawa, we will talk about our real-world Hadoop issues that either broke our cluster or made it very unstable, especially when we were growing very fast from a 60 to 690-node Hadoop cluster.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/axel_rauschmayer-50.jpgAxel Rauschmayer

The Four Layers of JavaScript OOP

By Axel Rauschmayer | February 25, 2014
Object-oriented programming (OOP) in JavaScript is complex. To make it easier to understand, this webcast explains it via four layers.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/brian_messenlehner-50.jpgBrian Messenlehner

Building Web Apps with WordPress

By Brian Messenlehner | February 19, 2014
In this webcast talk led by Brian Messenlehner you'll learn: how to rapidly build scalable and secure applications and how to save time and money doing so. We'll also showcase some really cool applications and examples of building things with WordPress...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/chris_wilson.jpgChris Wilson

The N-Spangled Banner: A Simple Web Game Using RaphaelJS

By Chris Wilson | February 14, 2014
In this webcast Chris Wilson will walk you through how to make a fun little game in your browser in which you manipulate the pattern on the U.S. flag to make any number of stars that you like.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steven_citron_pousty-50.jpgSteven Pousty

Leaflet, Node.JS, and MongoDB for an Easy and Fun Web Mapping Experience

By Steven Pousty | February 12, 2014
You have seen the stuff that FourSquare has done with spatial and you want some of that hotness for your app. But, where to start? Have no fear - in this webcast session you'll understand the pieces necessary to write your own location based app.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/maximiliano_firtman2-50.jpgMaximiliano Firtman

Performance for Responsive Web Design

By Maximiliano Firtman | February 12, 2014
Learn when responsive web design is the right tool and when it's the worst, and how to integrate it with other techniques.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/spike_brehm-50.jpgSpike Brehm

In Pursuit of the Holy Grail: Building Isomorphic JavaScript Apps

By Spike Brehm | February 11, 2014
In this webcast Spike will introduce some of the open source projects and tools that you can use today to build isomorphic JavaScript apps.

Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Recommendation Systems on Hadoop

By Wayne Thompson, Georgia Mariani | January 30, 2014
Join us to learn more about how to reveal insights in your Big data and redefine how your organization solves complex problems.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/andrew_collette-50.jpgAndrew Collette

Managing Large Datasets with Python and HDF5

By Andrew Collette | January 28, 2014
This webcast provides a practical, Python-based introduction to the world of HDF5.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/trent_hauck-50.jpgTrent Hauck

A Detailed Look at Pandas' Indexes

By Trent Hauck | January 22, 2014
Join Trent Hauck author of Instant Data Intensive Apps with Pandas How-to, for a hands-on webcast where he will discuss motivations for using indexed data structures over non-indexed data structures in pandas.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/arun_gupta2-50.jpgArun Gupta

Java EE 7 = Less Code + More Power

By Arun Gupta | January 09, 2014
This webcast will provide an introduction to the updated Java EE 7 platform using GlassFish. Attendees will learn the design patterns of building an application using Java EE 7.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ben_fhala-50.jpgBen Fhala

Getting Started with HTML5 Canvas

By Ben Fhala | December 17, 2013
In this hands-on webcast session, Ben will walk you through the basics of working with canvas. You will learn how to create canvas draw lines, shapes and as time permits other canvas capabilities.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/matthew_a_russell.jpgMatthew Russell

Data Science Experiments with Twitter and IPython Notebook

By Matthew Russell | December 13, 2013
After attending this mini-workshop, you'll be able to run your own data science experiments with Twitter's API and IPython Notebook! Besides learning the fundamentals of how to use IPython Notebook, you'll learn how to do the following kinds of things...

Fluent Online Conference: Beyond JavaScript and HTML5

By Peter Cooper, Simon St. Laurent | December 12, 2013
In this free online conference, attendees will get a practical sneak peek at some of the topics we'll be covering at Fluent.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/benjamin_lagrone-50.jpgBen LaGrone

HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Web Design

By Ben LaGrone | December 11, 2013
This presentation of HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Web Design provides an overview for the development of today's wireless Internet devices and introduces a new toolbox you can immediately use to stay connected with this emerging, on-the-run demographic.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/sam_nazarko-50.jpgSam Nazarko

How-To Set Up a Media Center with Raspberry Pi

By Sam Nazarko | December 10, 2013
Imagine controlling your TV with your smartphone, dynamically streaming content that you have on various devices across your home, as and when you want. Raspberry Pi Media Center will show you how to configure the complete experience using readily available...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/adam_kemp.jpgAdam Kemp

Weekend Robotics: Give Your Arduino the Freedom It Deserves with This Fun Weekend Project!

By Adam Kemp | December 07, 2013
In this webcast Adam Kemp, author of The Makerspace Workbench will walk you through the steps required to turn your Arduino into a capable robotic platform in very little time.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/pat_shaughnessy-50.jpgPat Shaughnessy

Visualizing Garbage Collection in Rubinius, JRuby and Ruby 2.0

By Pat Shaughnessy | December 04, 2013
In this webcast talk by Pat Shaughnessy author of Ruby Under a Microscope, we'll dive into Ruby internals and take a close look at an ugly topic: garbage collection.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jesse_freeman2-50.jpgJesse Freeman

Analytics In HTML5 Games

By Jesse Freeman | November 20, 2013
Do you ever wonder what people are doing when they play your game? Do you actively play test and try to balance your game to make it more fun? Why not take advantage of analytics in your game just like web sites have been doing for years.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/simon_monk.jpgSimon Monk

Raspberry Pi - Uses and Projects

By Simon Monk | November 19, 2013
In this webcast presented by Simon Monk author of Raspberry Pi Cookbook, aims to clarify the various niches into which a Raspberry Pi can fit and also showcase some of the more interesting uses of the Raspberry Pi with examples from the Internet and ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ed_snajder-50.jpgEd Snajder

Raspberry Pi for Beginners

By Ed Snajder | November 15, 2013
Join us for an interactive webcast with Ed Snadjer as he show's you how to quickly and simply get your Raspberry Pi up and running and the possibilities of what can be done with a $35 credit-card sized computer.

Introducing a Mobile-First Approach to Building Your Next App

By Carlos Andreu, Raj Balasubramanian | October 30, 2013
This webcast will highlight why the mobile first approach is necessary in building your next user facing app and why it's not a hype. Concrete examples will be provided using both mobile web and hybrid technologies to illustrate how you can get started...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/matthew_a_russell.jpgMatthew Russell

Why Twitter Is All the Rage: A Data Miner's Perspective

By Matthew Russell | October 15, 2013
In order to be successful, technology must amplify a meaningful aspect of our human experience, and Twitter’s success largely has been dependent on its ability to do this quite well. Although you could describe Twitter as just a “...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/marc_garrett-50.jpgMarc Garrett

Fitter, Happier: Improve Your Health and Productivity with R

By Marc Garrett | October 15, 2013
Intridea is famous for our distributed team. We believe that letting people work from home leads to happier employees and better client outcomes. But there's one drawback: the freshman fifteen! Working from home means working close to your refrigerator...

Real-time Stream Processing and Visualization Using Kafka, Storm, and d3.js

By Byron Ellis, Justin Langseth | October 10, 2013
In this hands-on webcast you'll learn how LivePerson and Zoomdata perform stream processing and visualization on mobile devices of structured site traffic and unstructured chat data in real-time for business decision making.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/kim_rees-50.jpgKim Rees

Best of Strata + Hadoop World 2012: How to See Data

By Kim Rees | October 09, 2013
Join us for an exclusive presentation by Kim Reese recorded live at Strata + Hadoop World 2012

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/carl_steinbach-50.jpgCarl Steinbach

The Best of Strata Santa Clara 2013: SQL on Hadoop

By Carl Steinbach | October 02, 2013
In this talk we will discuss the unavoidable cost and performance limitations of the connector-based approach employed by many established vendors and explain the long-term significance of Apache Hive's data model along with its influence on next generation...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/v_anton_spraul-50.jpgV. Anton Spraul

Problem Solving: The Missing Ingredient for New Programmers

By V. Anton Spraul | October 01, 2013
In this one-of-a-kind webcast, author V. Anton Spraul breaks down some of the ways that programmers solve problems and teaches you how to Think Like a Programmer.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/richard_cotton.jpgRichie Cotton

Writing Great R Code

By Richie Cotton | September 25, 2013
Modern data analysis requires that you have two jobs: being a statistician and being a programmer. This is especially true with R, where pointing and clicking to analyze data is mostly not an option. Fortunately, the jump from writing code like a statistician...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jesse_freeman2-50.jpgJesse Freeman

How to Build Cross Platform HTML5 Games for Mobile and Web

By Jesse Freeman | September 24, 2013
During this webcast talk Jesse will go into detail on how to build a truly cross platform HTML5 game by using his new Super Paper Monster Smasher Starter Kit which you can play at http://bit.ly/spms-sk-demo.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Building Apps that Run Everywhere with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap

By Jonathan Stark | September 19, 2013
Follow along on this live webcast with Jonathan Stark as he builds a web app that runs on a huge range of browsers using jQuery Mobile, and then packages it for distribution on app store distribution with PhoneGap Build.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/paco_nathan.jpgPaco Nathan

Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading

By Paco Nathan | September 17, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Paco Nathan author of Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading, he will discuss what defines a workflow , in contrast to notions of dataflow and the impact that has on the tools required.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/eric_elliott.jpgEric Elliott

Getting Started with Node and Express

By Eric Elliott | September 17, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Eric Elliott author of Programming JavaScript Applications, you will learn how to organize files, find common libraries, use Express middleware and more.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mike_westerfield-50.jpgMike Westerfield

Connecting to Arduino with a WiFly and iPad or iPhone

By Mike Westerfield | September 11, 2013
Join us for a hands-on webcast presented by Mike Westerfield author of Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects, and we'll look at one way to control an Arduino from iOS using a WiFly serial bridge. All of the techniques and techBASIC source code...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/fred_hebert-50.jpgFred Hébert

Modern Server Application Design with Erlang

By Fred Hébert | September 03, 2013
In this presentation, we will explore some common application design patterns, tools, libraries, and optimizations used by Erlang developers for production systems.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jesse_freeman2-50.jpgJesse Freeman

Using NodeJS + Grunt for HTML5 Build Scripts

By Jesse Freeman | August 21, 2013
In this webcast talk, Jesse Freeman will cover the basics of using NodeJS and Grunt to build automated deployment scripts for your HTML5 games on Web, Desktop and Mobile.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ilya_grigorik-50.jpgIlya Grigorik

Best of Strata + Hadoop World 2012: Analyzing Millions of GitHub Commits

By Ilya Grigorik | August 08, 2013
In this session, we will discuss our experience in using BigQuery, how we modeled the GitHub event data, and the lessons learned in importing and making the data available.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Modern Web Design with Progressive Enhancement, Responsive Design, and CSS3

By Jonathan Stark | July 31, 2013
Follow along with Jonathan Stark as he uses progressive enhancement, responsive design, and cutting edge CSS3 techniques to build a sophisticated user interface that will run virtually everywhere.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mark_allen-50.jpgMark Allen

Using DTrace on Your Application Code

By Mark Allen | June 27, 2013
In this hands-on webcast we'll talk about applying the open source dynamic tracing (DTrace) facility available in Solaris (and friends), Mac OS X, and FreeBSD to python.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tim_anglade-50.jpgTim Anglade

Build Your First Mobile App With: HTML5, jQuery, PhoneGap

By Tim Anglade | June 25, 2013
Join us for a hands-on live webcast to learn everything you need to know to build a mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry!

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ed_snajder-50.jpgEd Snajder

Intro to Raspberry Pi

By Ed Snajder | June 25, 2013
At OSCON Ignite 2012, I did a short presentation on a Raspberry Pi and integrating it with a 3D printer. Since then, I have been asked dozens of different questions, with the most common being What is the difference between a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jesse_freeman2-50.jpgJesse Freeman

Building HTML5 Games for Windows 8

By Jesse Freeman | June 20, 2013
Join this webcast talk by Jesse Freeman, author of Building HTML5 Games with ImpactJS, as he goes over the best HTML5 game frameworks to use, moving from the web to Windows 8, supporting mobile devices, testing/debugging your game and how to publish ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

By Jonathan Stark | June 20, 2013
Please join Jonathan Stark for a hands-on webcast for a look at the past, present, and future—and what we can do to prepare for the revolution.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steven_lembark-50.jpgSteven Lembark

Perly Linked Lists: What they look like, and why bother

By Steven Lembark | June 19, 2013
The first part of this webcast talk describes how to implement generic linked-list containers using Perl syntax; the second portion shows an efficient Object-oriented list manager that avoids the most common pitfalls of OO linked lists.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jessica_mckellar-50.jpgJessica McKellar

Twisted Python: the engine of your Internet

By Jessica McKellar | June 18, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Jessica McKellar author of Twisted, we will give an architectural overview of the project and then dive in to what you need to know to build robust clients and servers for popular and custom network protocols.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/andy_grover-50.jpgAndy Grover

The Linux Way: Rebuilding The Unix Way for a New Era

By Andy Grover | June 14, 2013
This webcast talk presented by Andy Grover will cover some of the ways the Linux platform has moved away from the Unix philosophy, while still holding true to some fundamental values, and how we users and hackers are defining a new Linux Way, distinct...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/elijah_manor-50.jpgElijah Manor

Angry Birds of Modern JavaScript Development

By Elijah Manor | June 13, 2013
In this webcast talk presented by Elijah Manor, Angry Birds uncover concepts of modern JavaScript development. Each bird represents an area of JavaScript along with its strengths.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ido_green-50.jpgIdo Green

Modern Web Applications Utilizing HTML5 APIs

By Ido Green | May 30, 2013
This webcast will cover new techniques for building modern web apps and how to utilize the latest HTML5 APIs to create a new class of web apps that will delight and amaze your users.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/john_anderson-50.jpgJohn Anderson

Appcelerator Titanium: Up and Running

By John Anderson | May 28, 2013
Join us for a hands-on webcast presented by John Anderson author of Appcelerator Titanium: Up and Running as he introduces you to this amazing framework and shows you how to generate cross-platform apps with 100% native controls.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/kraig_brockschmidt-50.jpgKraig Brockschmidt

Zero to App in Two Weeks: Programming Windows 8 Apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

By Kraig Brockschmidt | May 21, 2013
In working with top tier app partners, the Windows Ecosystem Team has seen developers produce an app in a little as two weeks, whereas others meander around for months with little to show. Why this discrepancy? What are the factors that make the difference...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/kent_brewster-50.jpgKent Brewster

Best of Fluent - Eight Simple Rules for Running Your JavaScript on My Page

By Kent Brewster | May 17, 2013
Since JavaScript runs with full access to the document, it must be tightly controlled to prevent it from defacing its surrounding page, stealing the reader's secrets, or otherwise interacting in an unpredictable fashion with its surroundings, which may...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Debugging Mobile Apps

By Jonathan Stark | May 16, 2013
In this interactive webcast presented by Jonathan Stark author of Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, 2nd Edition, and Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript we will discuss mobile app development still being in its infancy...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/bill_scott2-50.jpgBill Scott

Kicking up the Dust with NodeJS and a Bunch of Other JavaScript Goodness

By Bill Scott | May 15, 2013
How do you take a large titan like PayPal and move it from a culture of a long shelf life to a culture of rapid experimentation? Bill will explain the transformation that is in process to revolutionize the technical and experience stack at PayPal.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jesse_freeman2-50.jpgJesse Freeman

Mobile Gaming: Are We Casual Enough Yet?

By Jesse Freeman | May 10, 2013
In this webcast talk by Jesse Freeman, author of Building HTML5 Games with ImpactJS, he will go over how he has been redesigning his own game ideas for the new casual gamer market.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mark_trostler.jpgMark Ethan Trostler

Testable JavaScript

By Mark Ethan Trostler | May 09, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Mark Ethan Trostler author of Testable JavaScript, he will give a tour of writing and maintaining testable JavaScript for the client- or server-side, whether you're creating a new application or rewriting legacy ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/estelle_weyl-50.jpgEstelle Weyl

Best of Fluent - You don't need a Framework for that!

By Estelle Weyl | May 08, 2013
Targeting a DOM node? Determining a CSS class? Storing and retrieving custom values on nodes in the DOM tree? No need to include a library. Dataset, classlist and queryselector can do it all for us. In this session we cover these well supported technologies...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/julie_ann_horvath-50.jpgJulie Horvath

GitHub for Designers

By Julie Horvath | May 07, 2013
Push your projects forward by starting feature-centric discussions on GitHub. This webcast talk covers the maybe-not-so-obvious ways Git & GitHub can improve your design workflow.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/we_bos-50.jpgWes Bos

The Best of Fluent: JS + HTML5 Video + Canvas = WOAH!

By Wes Bos | May 01, 2013
This talk will cover: How HTML5 Video works, HTML + Canvas, Web RTC Native Camera / Hardware access, HTML5 Video/ Canvas Green screen Effect, Interactive HTML5 Video Face Detection, and more.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dave_zwieback-50.jpgDave Zwieback

The Human Side of Postmortems

By Dave Zwieback | April 30, 2013
This webcast presented by Dave Zwieback will specifically focus on the effects and mitigation of stress and cognitive biases during outages and postmortems.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/raymond_camden3-50.jpgRaymond Camden

Developing Mobile Applications with PhoneGap

By Raymond Camden | April 30, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Raymond Camden, he will cover some background and history of the PhoneGap project, what it provides, and the types of tools you can use to create mobile applications.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/nicholas_c_zakas.jpgNicholas C. Zakas

The Best of Fluent: Maintainable JavaScript

By Nicholas C. Zakas | April 24, 2013
This session shows the best practices used by teams to ensure their JavaScript is as maintainable as possible.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Building Offline Web Apps with HTML5

By Jonathan Stark | April 18, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Jonathan Stark author of Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, 2nd Edition, and Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript we'll discuss how for years, the terms web and online have been ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jesse_freeman2-50.jpgJesse Freeman

Game Jamming With HTML5

By Jesse Freeman | April 17, 2013
In this webcast talk Jesse Freeman author of Introducing HTML5 Game Development will cover some techniques to help you succeed in game jams with HTML5.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/roy_sutton-1.jpgRoy Sutton

Cross Platform App Development with Enyo

By Roy Sutton | April 16, 2013
Join us for a hands-on webcast presented by Roy Sutton author of Enyo: Up and Running to learn about this open source JavaScript framework for writing native-quality apps that work equally well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/lea_verou-50.jpgLea Verou

The Best of Fluent: /Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions

By Lea Verou | April 10, 2013
In this talk, we'll start with the basics and progressively enhance your knowledge until you're coding regular expressions like a champ. Everything will be demonstrated live with visual examples that ensure maximum comprehension.

Fluent Online Conference: Fluent 2013 Preview

By Peter Cooper, Simon St. Laurent | April 04, 2013
In this free online conference, attendees will get a practical sneak peek at some of the most important topics we'll be covering at Fluent. If you're a developer, engineer, or are invested in the future of the Web in any way, It's your chance to see ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steve_souders2-50.jpgSteve Souders

The Best of Fluent: High Performance Snippets

By Steve Souders | March 28, 2013
Join Steve Souders as he talks about the prevalence of frontend SPOF, ways to avoid it, and a deep dive into snippet performance analysis.

Rethinking the Possibilities of Browser-based Apps with HTML5

By Jeff Burtoft, Jesse Cravens | March 27, 2013
From canvas to web workers and file transfer to blob management, join us for a hands-on webcast to see HTML5 demos and code samples that will have you rethinking the possibilities of browser based apps.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tynan_sylvester-50.jpgTynan Sylvester

Drunk Design: Game Design Under the Influence (of Emotions)

By Tynan Sylvester | March 15, 2013
Join us for a hands-on webcast where Tynan Sylvester author of Designing Games will discuss design in the language of logic. This talk covers a personal view on the interplay between the designers' feelings and the design process.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Responsive Web Design Bootcamp

By Jonathan Stark | March 14, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Jonathan Stark, you'll learn why it is no longer safe to assume that visitors to your website are sitting in front of large monitors equipped with a keyboard and mouse.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jesse_freeman2-50.jpgJesse Freeman

Deep Dive Into HTML5 Game Design

By Jesse Freeman | March 08, 2013
In this webcast talk Jesse Freeman author of Introducing HTML5 Game Development will cover some techniques to help you succeed in game jams with HTML5.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/wes_mckinney-1.jpgWes McKinney

Building Rich, High Performance Tools for Practical Data Analysis

By Wes McKinney | February 20, 2013
This live webcast is presented by Wes McKinney author of Python for Data Analysis and will be a somewhat advanced, technical talk connecting computer science concepts like data structure design and algorithms with the details of building intuitive, high...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dorothy_hoskins-50.jpgDorothy Hoskins

Stylish Structure: XML and InDesign

By Dorothy Hoskins | February 19, 2013
This webcast looks at what's possible, what's feasible and what is problematic in using InDesign to publish XML.

So you got a Raspberry Pi for the Holidays

By Matt Richardson, Shawn Wallace | January 23, 2013
Matt and Shawn will show you what you need to get up and running, walk you through installing the operating system to give you an understanding of all the hardware features of the Pi, and set up the small computer with the correct power source and peripherals...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Principles of Mobile Interface Design

By Jonathan Stark | January 17, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Jonathan Stark, learn how to take your mobile app from concept to completed design by exploring practical principles and visual examples.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/maximiliano_firtman2-50.jpgMaximiliano Firtman

HTML5 for Mobile Devices

By Maximiliano Firtman | January 16, 2013
Join us for a hands-on webcast presented by Maximiliano Firtman author of Programming the Mobile Web, 2nd Edition, as he shows you how to build apps that access geolocation, accelerometer, multi touch screens and other features in these mobile devices...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/max_kanat_alexander.jpgMax Kanat-Alexander

The Four Components of Software

By Max Kanat-Alexander | December 12, 2012
In this webcast presentation, Max Kanat-Alexander will go over a method of analyzing software that breaks down all designs into four components: Input, Structure, Action, and Results.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/travis_lowdermilk-1.jpgTravis Lowdermilk

A Developer's Introduction to User-Centered Design

By Travis Lowdermilk | December 11, 2012
This webcast will explore how to effectively work with users in creating products they'll love. We'll explore how to conduct usability studies and how to get quality feedback from users that can be implemented into your design decisions.

5 Helpful Features of Git 1.8.0

By Jon Loeliger, Matthew J. McCullough | December 07, 2012
Join us for a hands-on webcast presented by Matthew McCullough and Jon Loeliger, authors of Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition, as they take you through some highlights of the last year and a half of Git features all the way up to changes in the recently...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/max_kanat_alexander.jpgMax Kanat-Alexander

Code Simplicity: The Science of Software Design

By Max Kanat-Alexander | November 29, 2012
In this webcast, Max Kanat-Alexander will give a basic overview of the newly codified fundamental laws of software development as covered in his newly released book, Code Simplicity.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jennifer_murphy-50.jpgJennifer Tong

The Google+ History API

By Jennifer Tong | November 28, 2012
In this hands-on webcast presented by Jennifer Murphy, author of Developing with Google+, we will explore the Google+ platform and walk through the Google+ History API.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mark_trostler.jpgMark Ethan Trostler

Exploiting Multi-Process Architectures using Javascript

By Mark Ethan Trostler | November 15, 2012
In this hands-on webcast presented by Mark Ethan Trostler, author of Testable JavaScript, you will learn the difference between the two paradigms and the implications of each. Ethan will demonstrate how to use multi-process programming in Javascript ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael_snoyman.jpgMichael Snoyman

Designing Domain Specific Languages with Haskell

By Michael Snoyman | November 14, 2012
In this webcast presented by Michael Snoyman, author of Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod, he will cover some of the different DSL implementation strategies, their relative strengths and weaknesses, and general design guidelines, all...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/simon_monk.jpgSimon Monk

Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer

By Simon Monk | November 08, 2012
In this project, the web server constantly serves the contents of the Gadgeteer screen. You can draw sketches on the screen with your finger or a stylus and leave messages for the world to see. Join us for the live event.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steve_heffernan.jpgSteve Heffernan

Building an HTML5 Video Player

By Steve Heffernan | November 07, 2012
In this hands-on webcast presented by Steve Heffernan, he demonstrates how to develop from scratch your own interface for HTML5 video, embed a video using HTML5, build custom controls using the JavaScript API, and to fix known playback bugs on the iPhone...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael.jpgMichael Margolis

Making Arduino Controlled Robots

By Michael Margolis | October 30, 2012
This webcast introduces Arduino techniques for controlling wheeled robots that can move around and use sensors to see and explore their environment.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/allen_downey.jpgAllen B. Downey

Bayesian Statistics Made Simple

By Allen B. Downey | October 26, 2012
Join Allen Downey, author of Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers for an introduction to Bayesian statistics using Python. Bayesian statistical methods are becoming more common and more important, but there are not many resources to...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/sau_sheong_chang.jpgSau Sheong Chang

Ruby, Rock and Roll

By Sau Sheong Chang | October 23, 2012
In this hands-on webcast presentation by Sau Sheong Chang author of Exploring Everyday Things with R and Ruby, we talk on how Ruby can be used to create digital music through a simple analog software synthesizer, either transcribed from existing music...

Dart for Web Apps

By Kathy Walrath, Seth Ladd | October 18, 2012
You don't need to be an expert web developer to build web apps. In this live event, the authors of Dart: Up and Running show how you can use Dart to be more productive as you build high-performance apps for the modern web.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/wes_mckinney-1.jpgWes McKinney

Python for Data Analysis

By Wes McKinney | October 10, 2012
In this hands-on webcast presented by Wes McKinney, author of Python for Data Analysis , he will showcase a number of examples and you will receive an introduction to some of the most important tools in the Python language for data preparation, data ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dan_sanderson-50.jpgDan Sanderson

Data Modeling for Google App Engine using Python and ndb

By Dan Sanderson | October 09, 2012
An introduction to data modeling for scalable web applications using Google App Engine, Python, and the ndb library. This talk covers features of the App Engine datastore and how to use them from ndb, including creating and manipulating entities, performing...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/aditya_bansod.jpgAditya Bansod

Building Mobile HTML5 Apps in Hours, Not Days

By Aditya Bansod | September 26, 2012
HTML5 has delivered on the promise to make building mobile apps work seamlessly across devices and operating systems. But developers looking to build applications still have to code HTML, JavaScript and CSS by hand, often laboriously rebuilding features...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jon_reid.gifJon Reid

Building Mobile Applications with jQuery Mobile: Tips and Techniques

By Jon Reid | September 25, 2012
In this interactive event, Jon Reid will cover: what you need to know to use jQuery Mobile, jQuery Mobile features, and getting started with a jQuery Mobile project.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/greg_schechter.jpgGreg Schechter

HTML5, Flash and the Battle for Faster Cat Videos

By Greg Schechter | September 21, 2012
HTML5; it's new, it's awesome, and it's powerful, but can it take down the champ of video distribution, Flash. Which technology's got the ability to bring cat video to the next level? This webcast presentation will cover the many challenges of both HTML5...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jennifer_murphy-50.jpgJennifer Tong

The Google+ History API

By Jennifer Tong | September 20, 2012
In this hands-on webcast presented by Jennifer Murphy, author of Developing with Google+, we will explore the Google+ platform and walk through the Google+ History API.

An Introduction to Machine Learning for Hackers

By John Myles White, Drew Conway | September 18, 2012
We'll introduce programmers to two of the most common tools in the machine learning toolkit: linear regression and logistic regression.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/evan_goer.jpgEvan Goer

Writing Extensible JavaScript Without Getting Too Enterprisey

By Evan Goer | September 13, 2012
In this interactive webcast presented by Evan Goer we'll walk through some specific examples from the YUI Library that cleanly separate concerns, and then show how that pays off: first by radically altering a component's functionality without affecting...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jon_reid.gifJon Reid

Designing for jQuery Mobile

By Jon Reid | September 12, 2012
In this interactive event, Jon Reid, the author of jQuery Mobile, will cover the following: review the UI elements that jQuery Mobile builds for you, customizing appearance of jQuery Mobile: What a designer needs to know, and explore the jQuery Mobile...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/nicholas_c_zakas.jpgNicholas C. Zakas

The Best of Velocity - JS Timers, Power Consumption, and Performance

By Nicholas C. Zakas | September 07, 2012
This talk explores the browser UI thread and how timers influence it. You'll learn how timers actually work, why they behave the way they do, and whether you're using them in the most efficient manner possible. Learn how timers affect power consumption...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tony_parisi-1.jpgTony Parisi

WebGL Up and Running

By Tony Parisi | August 30, 2012
WebGL is the new standard for 3D rendering on the web. With WebGL, developers can create games, animations, data visualizations, product displays and more using only Javascript, a web browser and a standard web technology stack. This webcast with Web3D...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tom_geudens.jpgTom Geudens

NetKernel Batteries

By Tom Geudens | August 28, 2012
Batteries included is one of those catchphrases that has long left the humble origins and is now applied to almost every new development in IT. The questions one often forgets to ask are: do they fit, are there enough of them, and how long do they last...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/walt_ritscher-50.jpgWalt Ritscher

Harnessing Shaders for Astounding UX

By Walt Ritscher | August 23, 2012
In this webcast you will learn the concepts behind pixel shaders and see how .NET makes it simple to create managed wrappers for the shader binaries.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ian_griffiths-50.jpgIan Griffiths

Managing Complex Asynchrony with the Reactive Extensions (Rx)

By Ian Griffiths | August 22, 2012
In webcast number two in the series Ian Griffiths, author of Programming C# 5.0 discusses Asynchronous systems and their complexity.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Debugging Mobile Apps

By Jonathan Stark | August 16, 2012
This webcast is for front-end designers and developers who are interested in creating web or hybrid mobile apps.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael_snoyman.jpgMichael Snoyman

Designing Type-Safe Haskell APIs

By Michael Snoyman | August 09, 2012
In this webcast presented Michael Snoyman, author of Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod, will describe some techniques to exploit Haskell's strengths, and turn the compiler itself into another tool in your arsenal against bugs and security...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/tom_geudens.jpgTom Geudens

ROC'ing the World

By Tom Geudens | August 07, 2012
Resource Oriented Computing and it's implementation NetKernel are in danger of becoming a ten-year old overnight sensation.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ian_griffiths-50.jpgIan Griffiths

Asynchronous Programming with C# 5

By Ian Griffiths | August 01, 2012
In this webcast, Ian Griffiths, author of Programming C# 5.0, will discuss asynchronous programming techniques.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ido_green-50.jpgIdo Green

Creating Modern Web Applications Utilizing HTML5 APIs

By Ido Green | July 31, 2012
This webcast will cover new techniques for building modern web apps and how to utilize the latest HTML5 APIs to create a new class of web apps that will delight and amaze your users.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/joe_albahari.jpgJoseph Albahari

New and Upcoming Features in LINQPad and C# 5

By Joseph Albahari | July 25, 2012
Meet Joe Albahari, creator of LINQPad, for a rare live session. In this webcast presentation Joe will demonstrate new features, invite feedback, and discuss topics such as extensibility, asynchrony and future directions.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Building Offline Web Apps with HTML5

By Jonathan Stark | July 19, 2012
This webcast is for web designers and developers who are interested in adding offline support to web sites and web apps.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/max_kanat_alexander.jpgMax Kanat-Alexander

Code Simplicity: The Three Flaws of Software Design

By Max Kanat-Alexander | June 28, 2012
In this webcast, Max Kanat-Alexander will go in depth on the Three Flaws—three major classes of mistakes that developers make when attempting to create good software designs.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dani_nordin1-50.jpgDani Nordin

Bringing strategic UX to Drupal projects

By Dani Nordin | June 22, 2012
In this webcast presentation, Drupal for Designers author Dani Nordin will talk about the process of user experience design for the Drupal CMS, and some specific techniques and tools which can help make the process easier.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael.jpgMichael Margolis

Expanding the Capabilities of your Arduino Projects

By Michael Margolis | June 19, 2012
In this webcast Michael will discuss how to combine and apply multiple techniques from the Arduino Cookbook.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dan_sanderson-50.jpgDan Sanderson

Python for Google App Engine

By Dan Sanderson | June 14, 2012
This webcast covers an assortment of Python-related App Engine subjects, such as: using web app frameworks, debugging and troubleshooting, and data maintenance.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/mario_andres_pagella2-50.jpgMario Andres Pagella

Applying Old Video Game Performance Techniques to Modern Web-based Games

By Mario Andres Pagella | June 13, 2012
In this webcast, Andres Pagella will discuss how many famous games were able to have graphics and animations that were far ahead of their time and teach how we can apply those performance-improvement techniques in modern web-based game development projects...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/greg_shackles.jpgGreg Shackles

Cross-Platform Mobile Development with C#

By Greg Shackles | June 12, 2012
This webcast will introduce you to: developing cross-platform mobile applications using C#, making use of MonoTouch and Mono for Android for iOS and Android, and exploring how they relate to the native platform libraries

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jesse_freeman2-50.jpgJesse Freeman

HTML5 Game Development

By Jesse Freeman | June 08, 2012
This webcast is a great way to get familiar with the Impact framework and get you started making HTML 5 games.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/max_kanat_alexander.jpgMax Kanat-Alexander

Code Simplicity: The Science of Software Design

By Max Kanat-Alexander | June 05, 2012
In this webcast, Max Kanat-Alexander will give a basic overview of the newly codified fundamental laws of software development as covered in his newly released book, Code Simplicity.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/paul_barry.jpgPaul Barry

Thoughts on Google App Engine: a Python Programmer's Perspective

By Paul Barry | June 01, 2012
In this O'Reilly webcast, Paul Barry discusses the current state of App Engine based on his experience teaching the technology both within an undergraduate and commercial setting.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/maksim_tsvetovat.jpgMaksim Tsvetovat

How do things go viral? Information diffusion in social networks.

By Maksim Tsvetovat | May 22, 2012
In this webcast, we will talk about the viral nature of information, adoption of attitudes and memes, and the way social networks evolve at the same time as people's attitudes and desires.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/steve_francia.jpgSteve Francia

MongoDB and PHP

By Steve Francia | May 18, 2012
In this webcast presentation by Steve Francia, author of MongoDB and PHP, you will learn how to build elegant database applications with MongoDB and PHP.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Advanced CSS Styling & Animation for Mobile Apps

By Jonathan Stark | May 17, 2012
This webcast is for web designers who are interested in creating mobile web sites and web apps.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/dan_sanderson-50.jpgDan Sanderson

Introducing Google App Engine

By Dan Sanderson | May 15, 2012
This webcast introduces the concepts, components, and tools of App Engine.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/maximiliano_firtman2-50.jpgMaximiliano Firtman

jQuery Mobile: multiplatform HTML5 webapps

By Maximiliano Firtman | May 09, 2012
In this webcast, Maximiliano Firtman will go through the basics of jQuery Mobile and will talk about some myths around this framework that most web developers and designers believe today.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan-zdziarski-50.jpgJonathan Zdziarski

Hacking and Securing iOS Applications

By Jonathan Zdziarski | May 03, 2012
In this webcast, Jonathan will demonstrate a number of ways to manipulate the runtime of App Store applications using free, open source tools.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/peter_cooper-50.jpgPeter Cooper

How to Build a Chat Room in JavaScript in Under an Hour

By Peter Cooper | April 25, 2012
In under an hour, Peter Cooper will walk through the process of building a live, multi-user chat page using JavaScript, including both the front end client (using jQuery and other libraries) and back-end server (using Node.js).

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/todd_moore.jpgTodd Moore

Turning Your Game Ideas into iPhone & iPad Apps from the book Tap, Move, Shake

By Todd Moore | April 12, 2012
In this exciting webcast presentation author Todd Moore shows you how to create the classic game of Pong on your iPhone in 20 lines of code.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/greg_borenstein-50.jpgGreg Borenstein

Intro to Gestural Interfaces with the Microsoft Kinect

By Greg Borenstein | April 11, 2012
This webcast offers a beginners introduction to building your own applications with the Microsoft Kinect.

The Mobile Omnivore: A Taste Test of Mobile Website Development

By Lyza Danger Gardner, Jason Grigsby | April 03, 2012
The mobile web is a complex place. There are lots of ways to build a mobile website—how do you choose the right tool for the job?

Under the iceberg: Using APIs to transform your business

By Gregory Brail, Daniel Jacobson, Dan Woods | March 22, 2012
In this webcast presentation join Dan Jacobson , Greg Brail, and Dan Woods as they discuss how business leaders can use APIs to transform as a strategy to transform business through private and public APIs.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jonathan_stark.jpgJonathan Stark

Principles of Mobile Interface Design

By Jonathan Stark | March 15, 2012
This webcast is for web designers and developers who are interested in creating mobile apps.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael_schrenk-50.jpgMichael Schrenk

Developing Webbots and Spiders: Using virtual robots to automate your work

By Michael Schrenk | March 13, 2012
As organizations become increasingly dependent on the Internet, the need grows for developers that know how to automate online tasks with webbots and spiders.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/raghavan_srinivas-50.jpgRaghavan Srinivas

Developing with Java and Couchbase Server

By Raghavan Srinivas | February 29, 2012
Attend this session for a very quick overview of Couchbase NoSQL, the ecosystem and what it means to Java developers and implementers.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/joshua_marinacci.jpgJoshua Marinacci

Building Mobile Physics Games with GWT and Box2D

By Joshua Marinacci | February 22, 2012
The session will briefly cover GWT on mobile, then dive into the Box2D library and how to build casual games with it.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/jens_alfke-50.jpgJens Alfke

Getting Started In Modeling With Couchbase Mobile

By Jens Alfke | December 16, 2011
During this webcast I'll show you how to acquire the glamor of an object model, while still letting your NoSQL freak-flag fly.

10 things every web developer, designer (and manager) should know about HTML5

By Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson | December 02, 2011
In this webcast we'll give you a 45 minute jumpstart on this new technology and everything you need to know when you walk into your next staff meeting and the subject comes up.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/elecia_white.jpgElecia White

A Gentle Introduction to Embedded Systems Programming

By Elecia White | November 16, 2011
This webcast walks step-by-step through the most important concepts a software engineer will need to get started on the path to embedded systems.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/paul_barry.jpgPaul Barry

An Introduction to Erlang (for Python programmers)

By Paul Barry | September 22, 2011
In this O'Reilly webcast, Paul Barry talks about his experience learning to program in Erlang, including his motivation for learning it, what Erlang brings to thetable and why you might want to make Erlang your next programming language.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/marko_gargenta.jpgMarko Gargenta

Open Android: What it means to be open and why you would care

By Marko Gargenta | July 08, 2011
In Open Android talk, we'll explore how Android is open and why that is important to you. We'll also look at where Android came from and where it could be going with its open-ness.

CodeRunner 2: Creating a Learning IDE

By Matthew Roberts, Trish Gray | June 28, 2011
Join Matt Roberts, developer of CodeRunner 2, as he describes the challenges inherent in creating an online education tool and discusses what tools he used to create one.

Velocity 2011: Take-aways, Trends, and Highlights

By Steve Souders, John Allspaw | June 24, 2011
The web performance and operations community gathered for three days at Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, California. In this webcast following the conference, program chairs Steve Souders and John Allspaw will identify and discuss key trends and announcements...

The Fringes of Git

By Tim Berglund, Matthew J. McCullough | April 13, 2011
In this webcast, Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund, authors of the O'Reilly Git Master Class videos, will introduce you to the very edges of Git's capabilities. We'll show you how Git reaches further than any other version control system to provide...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/steve_holden-50.jpgSteve Holden

Python Release 3: Unknown territory?

By Steve Holden | February 25, 2011
Join author Steve Holden in a discussion of Python Release 2 versus Python Release 3 and which one would serve you best as a programmer.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/peter_scott-50.jpgPeter Scott

Dealing with Legacy Perl Code

By Peter Scott | February 25, 2011
Tune in on Friday, February 25th as Peter Scott, author of the O'Reilly School of Technology's Perl Programming Certificate series, talks about how to deal with legacy Perl code - written by someone else, or maybe even yourself when you were younger...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/yehuda_katz-50.jpgYehuda Katz

SproutCore: Writing Code for a Multi-Device World

By Yehuda Katz | February 22, 2011
In this talk, Yehuda will talk about how the multi-device user changes how you should build applications. As a core developer on the SproutCore and Rails projects, he will also cover specific ways that you can use web technologies to advance this objective...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/kristina_chodorow.jpgKristina Chodorow

How Sharding Works

By Kristina Chodorow | February 04, 2011
This talk is a combination of whitepaper and Magic School Bus tour of how MongoDB scales across multiple machines. For applications that outgrow the resources of a single database server, MongoDB can convert to a sharded cluster, automatically managing...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/patrick_meenan-50.jpgPatrick Meenan

Hands-on Performance Testing and Analysis with WebPagetest

By Patrick Meenan | January 19, 2011
In this webcast we'll explore hands-on performance testing and analysis with WebPagetest - the advanced capabilities you never knew existed. We'll briefly touch on basic page testing but quickly dive into testing the impact of 3rd party content on your...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/paul_barry.jpgPaul Barry

Paul's Python Pearls

By Paul Barry | December 09, 2010
In this webcast, Paul discusses what it is about his current favorite language--Python--that makes it a stand-out programming technology for him. Paul discusses those Python features that are pearls , in his opinion. You may not agree with all of Paul...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/ken_goodhope-50.jpgKen Goodhope

Hadoop - Tips, Tricks, Optimizations, and Pitfalls

By Ken Goodhope | November 23, 2010
We'll use real world examples in this webcast that demonstrate how to best utilize MapReduce with Hadoop. We'll also examine the appropriate uses of special partitioners, combiners, and configuration optimizations. We'll expose some common mistakes and...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/kyle_banker-50.jpgKyle Banker

Indexing Matters: A MongoDB Optimization Primer

By Kyle Banker | October 29, 2010
We all know that MongoDB is one of the most flexible and feature-rich databases available. In this session we'll discuss how you can leverage this feature set and maintain high performance with your project's massive data sets and high loads. We'll cover...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ken_yarmosh_2.jpgKen Yarmosh

9 Myths About Building iPhone/iPad Apps

By Ken Yarmosh | October 21, 2010
Taking inspiration from his first book App Savvy, Ken Yarmosh addresses the most common myths, misconceptions, and misbeliefs he regularly encounters from those trying to build iPhone and iPad apps. Whether an entrepreneur, developer, or marketer, this...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/alasdair_allan2-50.jpgAlasdair Allan

An Introduction to building mapping apps for the iPhone and iPad

By Alasdair Allan | September 28, 2010
This webcast will discuss how to use both the CoreLocation and MapKit frameworks to build map-based applications on the iPhone platform. It will talk you through how to build, embed and annotate maps directly into you iPhone applications. We'll then ...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/sara_ford-50.jpgSara Ford

Sara Ford's 101 Visual Studio Tips in 55 minutes Challenge

By Sara Ford | September 01, 2010
This webcast is a rematch of Sara against the clock. Last time she missed by 15 seconds. Will she succeed? Watch and see!