Chapter 1

Understanding QR Codes

In This Chapter

arrow Defining QR Codes and explaining what they do

arrow Using QR Codes to connect the offline world with online content

arrow Understanding the value of QR Codes to your business

Y ou’ve probably seen more than your share of QR Codes. They seem to be popping up everywhere — magazines, direct mail, billboards, resumes, online, and even as tattoos on people’s bodies.

I clearly remember the first time I saw a QR Code. Puzzled, I thought it looked like an aerial view of a cornfield maze created by farmers, or maybe even aliens! Fortunately, QR Codes aren’t the work of farmers — or part of a sinister alien invasion — but their potential for organizations of all kinds is truly out of this world.

In this chapter, I explain what QR Codes are and how they’re different from other types of barcodes. I also make the business case for QR Codes, show you who’s using them — and who will be using them soon — and why they should be a permanent addition to your marketing toolbox.

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