Going Paperless

One of the things I like about technology is that it reduces our paper use. I hate when trees end up in trash barrels as paper waste, or even recycling. The key is to stop using paper. I pride myself on how long I can go between printing and copying something. QR Codes have helped me set a personal record!

Tip.eps Save paper and space by printing your QR Codes on mailing labels instead of wasting a whole sheet of paper by trying one of these ideas:

check.png Post your itinerary. If I’m taking a trip, I’ll post a QR Code on our kitchen bulletin board that links to a document with my itinerary on it. If my itinerary changes, I just update the document, and the QR Codes always link to the most recently updated version.

check.png Share recipes and notes. If you’re a baker like my wife is, you can link a QR Code to your notes on a specific recipe, or a picture of the finished product. This is especially useful when people ask you for a recipe. You can give them the recipe, and your tips for making it, on a QR Code.

check.png Link to your online newsletter. Forget printed newspapers and newsletters — put QR ...

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