Addressing Common Complaints about QR Codes

I have a saying when it comes to convincing people to try something: “Some will; some won’t. So what? Next.”

Some people are already riding the QR Code bandwagon, while others are convinced that QR Codes are sinister tools for an alien invasion and would never use them. Of course, most people are somewhere in between and aren’t sure what to believe about QR Codes.

Here are the common complaints on QR Codes and how they can be addressed:

check.png You have to download a QR Code reader. Yes, QR Code readers aren’t native to most mobile devices (although, as I point out in Chapter 2, many BlackBerry devices come with QR Code readers, which they call a barcode scanner). But you can easily download a free reader. Besides, most things you want for you mobile device don’t come standard. The popular game Angry Birds has to be downloaded — and has been downloaded nearly 500 million times!

check.png Only 6 percent of mobile users scan QR Codes. Small? Yes. Insignificant? No. That still means 14 million people have scanned QR Codes! This number will grow as smartphone adoption increases (it’s currently at 50%). Also, QR Codes are popular with young adults and a burgeoning tool for women and moms. If your product or service is geared toward one of these audiences, the ...

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