Testing Your QR Code

After you create a QR Code, you want to test it before you use it in a campaign, to make sure it’s working. Here are some suggestions for testing your QR Code to make sure it works in the real world.

check.png Scan the QR Code in different lighting. If it doesn’t work, you can increase the contrast of the code (a darker color on a lighter background if you started with something lighter than a black code on a white background) or you can take steps to make sure it’s displayed in an area with the right amount of light.

check.png Try it out on multiple devices. Scan the code with as many different types of devices — old and new — and QR Code readers as possible to make sure it works.

remember.eps check.png Test the code at the distance it will be scanned by people. Sure, the code works correctly when you scan it on the table in your office. But what about when the QR Code is on a billboard and hundreds of yards from where people will scan it? Will it work then?

check.png Test Internet access in that area. Make sure ...

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