Chapter 2

Reading a QR Code

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing a reader for your device

arrow Using your QR Code reader

arrow Troubleshooting QR Code reader failures

The first order of business is to get you scanning all the QR Codes that are popping up on billboards, signs, books, bumper stickers, key rings, and a million other places. If you’re like me, you’ll love scanning QR Codes.

Besides being fun and giving you access to all sorts of interesting and useful online content, people around you will point and whisper and ask why you’re pointing your phone at a black and white maze. You should have a standard response, as I do. “I’m with the government, ma’am. Please stand back.”

This chapter doesn’t have any tips for using QR Codes to punk curious strangers, but I do show you how to pick a QR reader for your device. Many readers are available to choose from, both free and paid. I also show you how to scan a QR Code, what to do if it doesn’t scan, and how to save the code for later use.

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