Spreading the Word on Your QR Code

Your first challenge is getting people to take notice of your QR Code. Believe it or not, you could start with a QR Code itself. That’s the logic behind some of the huge QR Codes you see in places such as Times Square. They get people to take notice by making the code so big and omnipresent that people are sure to talk and ask questions about it.

I’m not suggesting you find a billboard space in Times Square, but a large QR Code at the entrance to your office or your reception area may be just what you need (see Figure 5-1).


Figure 5-1: This QR Code says it all: “Scan me!”

Here are nine more ideas for promoting your QR Code:

check.png Put a code at the bottom of your e-mail signature. Someone is bound to ask, “What the heck is that?”

check.png Give some instructions. Explain what a QR Code is and how to scan one in your blog, website, and e-mail newsletter. Take responsibility for educating your audience on what the codes are and how to use them.

check.png Use them in your advertising. Put QR Codes in all your advertisements so people get used to seeing them connected with your ...

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