Making an Impression

QR Codes currently enjoy an enviable place in society. They have a “What’s that?” quality that will be short lived but should be used for all it’s worth while it lasts.

I had a similar experience when I bought Apple’s iPad shortly after it arrived on the market in spring 2010. I used to bring it with me to my local coffee shop, and people would stand behind me to check it out and ask me questions. I was the cool guy with new tech tool! Now when I bring my iPad to that same coffee shop, no one stops to stare because they’re too busy looking at their own iPad.

For a short time, QR Codes will be the tech tool people point to and whisper about. The question is, how can you benefit from the coolness factor that comes with them? Check out these ways:

check.png Enhance your resume. If you’re a graphic designer on the job hunt, include a stylish QR Code on your resume or portfolio that will catch an employer’s eye.

9781118370711-ma09.tif You can see some examples of cool QR Codes on my Pinterest board “QR Codes For Dummies.” Just scan the QR Code in the left margin.

check.png Highlight your knowledge of QR Codes. If your sights are set on a job in marketing or social media, consider including a QR Code on your ...

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