Selling Your Products or Services

In Chapter 7, I talk about how retailers are using a service called and QR Codes to encourage consumers to support their favorite nonprofits. The QR Code links users to a mobile-ready page where they can make a donation via PayPal or enter their credit card information. You can use the same process to sell your products and services.

A sign of things to come here in the United States is a trial program by PayPal in Singapore that allows commuters in 15 metro stations to make purchases using QR Codes (see Figure 10-2). It takes only three easy steps. Commuters scan the QR Code next to the product they want to purchase, pay via PayPal or credit card, and choose either pickup or delivery. That’s it!

Buying stuff with QR Codes is easy when you have an account with PayPal (or with Google Wallet, or with a host of other competitors that hope to make a fortune in this profitable space) because you don’t have to keep reentering your credit card information.


Figure 10-2: Shopping off a wall.

Initiating a program like this in Singapore makes sense because smartphone adoption is 70 percent, nearly twenty points higher than in the United States. However, with the rise of mobile devices in the U.S., it’s only a matter of time before the much-touted mobile wallet becomes a reality here.

LevelUp, a Boston based startup, is using QR Codes to make mobile ...

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