Chapter 7

Exploring Possible Uses for QR Codes

In This Chapter

arrow Bringing QR Codes into the classroom

arrow Raising money for causes with QR Codes

arrow Landing a job with QR Codes

QR Codes have a place in every business, every industry, and every part of your life where you have a need to connect the offline world with digital content.

This chapter looks at how nonprofit organizations can use QR Codes for fundraising, teachers for the classroom, professionals for furthering their careers, and finally, people of all ages for fun and adventure.

Of course, QR Codes have many other uses. I’m confident that the ideas I share in this chapter can spur their use in ways that you or I never considered. That’s what’s exciting about QR Codes. They can enhance passions, further learning, and increase success and enjoyment of the tangible world around us.

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