Preparing Your QR Code for the Real World

I’ve talked a lot about how to correctly generate a QR Code, but where you put that perfectly scanable QR Code after you’ve created it requires almost as much forethought. Keep these tips in mind:

check.png Be careful of laminated surfaces. The reflection can sometimes make the code difficult to read.

check.png Stick with flat surfaces. If the QR Code is printed on an object that’s uneven, creased, or wrinkled, people will have trouble scanning it.

check.png Don’t make the QR Code too small or big. Make it just the right size — but at least one square inch — to get the job done. Treat it like the tool it is.

check.png Keep it simple. The primary value of a QR Code is what it links to. Overvaluing it is like decorating the handle on a hammer instead of admiring what it can make. Sure, make your codes attractive if you want to. Just remember that the QR Code isn’t the Big Show. What it links to is what’s interesting, exciting, and valuable.

check.png Give an explanation. Tell people what a QR ...

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