Generating Leads

If you’re looking to generate more sales leads for your company, try using QR Codes in a practical but creative way.

check.png Business cards: But just don’t link to your boring contact info. They have that on your card. Instead, link the QR Code to a customer testimonial on your outstanding products or service.

check.png PowerPoint slides: Instead of linking the code to your website or phone number, link to content (such as an article, post, or video) that gives more in-depth information about your topic from a third-party source. Show them it’s about them, not you.

check.png “For Sale” signs: If you’re selling your home, don’t just link the QR Code to the information sheet — shoot a video giving people a tour of your home and end it with, “If you liked what you saw on the first floor, the second floor is even better. Open house this Sunday.”

check.png Restaurant tables: Have half go to Facebook where diners can like your page, and the other half go to Foursquare, the location-based service that allows you to share your location to friends and followers.

Tradeshow booths: Include them on your booth and ...

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