Adding Value with QR Codes

The question is whether QR Codes are the right tool for the job. Do they get the job done? Do they add value to the project? Ask yourself these two questions before embarking on any marketing campaign that involves QR Codes:

Here are a few more suggestions:

check.png The code should do one thing. This point seems easy because creating a QR Code requires you enter one data point (a URL, phone number, map, YouTube video, and so on). But are you really directing the user to one thing? Using a QR Code to open a website is one thing, but not if it takes the user to a page with too many options. You might be better off directing them to a certain page on your website. If you run an auto dealership and your QR Code dials a phone number, where does it go — sales, parts, service? Drill down to that one thing you want your QR Code to accomplish.

check.png Consider the context. If you want to use your QR Code to give your customers a coupon for apples, where should you place the QR Code — at the apple bin in the aisles or at the register? In the aisles is probably a better option, because the line at the register is generally hectic, and the shopper may have forgotten what the QR Code is for. Context matters. Strive to think like your audience.

Be relevant. Lately, whenever I get a ...

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