Taking Precautions

Try to take these precautions when scanning QR Codes:

check.png Be careful of QR Code stickers. Sometimes a cybercriminal will affix them over legitimate QR Codes.

check.png Pay attention when you scan a QR Code. There’s an interim step between scanning the code and the launch of the browser, when you can see it’s not going to be what you expected and you can abort the action. I bet you do this all the time online when you click a link and you just know it’s headed to the wrong place. You might save yourself a lot of aggravation by keeping an eye on where you’re headed.

check.png Educate those who borrow your mobile device. If you have kids that borrow you smartphone all the time, like my kids do, you should educate them on the potential hazards of QR Codes. This goes for anyone who might use your mobile device on a regular basis.

check.png Some QR Code readers let you see the URL on the code before it links you to the destination. Just remember that many QR Codes use shortened URLs so this strategy won’t always work.

Be wary of QR Codes that say nothing about what they link to. You learned earlier that ...

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