Adding Bling to Your QR Code

Most of the QR Codes you see in the real world will be like the QR Codes you see in this book: black squares on white background. But people love to accessorize, and QR Codes are no exception. Here are some easy ways to customize your QR Codes.

check.png Add some color. QR Codes don’t have to be black and white. They can be any color you want, or multiple colors. You can also use a color gradient without impacting the scanability of the code.

Tip.eps The code itself should be dark and have a light-colored background. The less contrast between the code and the background, the harder it will be to scan. Also, a light color code on a dark background won’t work with most scanners.

check.png Round out those hard edges. One of the most jarring features of QR Codes is all those hard edges. So rough and cold . . . brrr. Make them more appealing by rounding them out and giving them a softer look (as in Figure 3-7).


Figure 3-7: No hard edges makes for a more appealing QR Code. The palm trees in the middle help too.

Add some artwork or your logo. Doing so really turns the QR Code into something ...

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