Using QR Codes for Fun and Adventure

You can also use QR Codes to make work more fun — and easier too. Or you can use QR Codes away from work to just have fun.

check.png Make moving easier. Put QR Codes on moving boxes that link to a list of items in each box. Think about how much easier this would make retrieving boxes from storage and unpacking.

check.png Add them to your invites. Give your party invite an interesting twist with a QR Code that provides guests a preview of the special evening you have planned.

check.png Have a QR Code scavenger hunt. Spread QR Codes around your neighborhood or town giving clues of where to find the next clue and win the hunt.

check.png Have a QR Code party. Invite a bunch of new friends over and let them make their own QR Codes that reveal something special about themselves.

check.png Preserve holiday memories. Keep special memories on a holiday ornament adorned with a QR Code (see Figure 7-9).


Figure ...

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