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ome people may wonder exactly what a producer’s responsibilities are on
a game production team. Since they are not usually content creators, they
don’t contribute assets directly to the game. However, a game without a
producer is likely to never see store shelves.
A producer is the main driving force that guides the game development pro-
cess to ensure that the work gets done on time and under budget. In addition,
the producer leads the team and keeps them motivated during stressful times.
The producer also acts a buffer between the development team and all the ex-
ternal forces that are trying to interfere with the team: marketing, the publisher,
and licensors.
This section is an introduction to the general game development process
and provides basic explanations on what goes on during development and how
a development team functions. In addition, information is presented on some
software development methodologies that have recently been applied to game
development. Topics include the following:
Game Production Overview
Roles on the Team
Formal Production Processes

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