The following people were interviewed for this book. Their knowledge and
insight of the game industry provides useful information that is featured through-
out the book.
Karin Groepper Boosman is a certified Project Management Professional
currently working as a Project Manager for Aspyr Media, Inc., a video game pub-
lisher based in Austin, Texas. Karin has been involved in managing projects with
internationally distributed teams for over eight years. Her career in games started
with SimBin AB and Blimey! Games, working on the award-winning GTR series
before joining Aspyr as a Project Manager in 2006. Her experience managing
diverse and distributed teams while using formal project management method-
ologies has provided a solid foundation from which she could create and roll out
a streamlined localization pipeline to Aspyr, insuring on time, high quality, and
within budget international releases of Aspyr games. During her career, Karin
has worked on a wide range of titles, including: GTR, GT Legends, GTR 2, The
Sims series, Civilization IV: Warlords, Prey, Never Winter Nights 2, Quake Wars:
Enemy Territory, Supreme Commander, Guitar Hero III, Call of Duty 4, and
more. Karin is committed to improving the game industry from the inside out, uti-
lizing the best of cutting-edge project management processes and philosophies.
Tom Buscaglia, the Game Attorney, practices law around the world from his
offices in Miami, Florida ( Tom is dedicated to the
computer and video game industry, assisting developers in all aspects of their legal
Appendix DAppendix D
and business needs and has been representing game developers since 1991. Tom
is a member of the Board of Directors, as well as the Coordinator of the South
Florida Chapter, of the International Game Developers Association (www.igda.
org). He has published numerous articles to help those wishing to start their own
game development studios and recently launched to fur-
ther assist start-up game developers. Tom is a perennial presenter at the annual
Game Developer’s Conference, the Indie Games Com, and numerous other
game-related conferences. He is also the executive director of the Interactive
Entertainment Institute, the presenters of the G.A.M.E.S. Synergy Summit
( and of Games Florida (
As FaTe[F8S] Tom plays online on a regular basis with FaTe’s Minions and has a
gamer’s appreciation and understanding of the game industry (
Since 1997 Melanie Cambron has been recruiting for game industry leaders, such
as THQ, Ubisoft, and Turbine. Featured in such books as Game Design: Secrets
of the Sages, Game Creation and Careers, The Fat Man on Game Audio, Get
in the Game! Careers in the Game Industry, and Secrets of the Game Business
for her game industry knowledge, she also wrote the foreword to the successful
book, Game Programming with Direct X 7.0 and its follow-up. Melanie is a pop-
ular guest speaker at universities and high schools and is frequently interviewed
by media, such as the Dallas Morning News, GIGnews, and for her
industry expertise. She has been a moderator and panelist at e3 and GDC. She
also has several game credits as a PR/marketing consultant.
Carey Chico has been working in the game industry since 1996, after graduating
from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Design. His foray into the game indus-
try began when he started at Activision Studios as an animator on Planetfall.
From there, he rose through the ranks as lead artist on Battlezone and then as
a founding member of Pandemic Studios where he completed Battlezone 2 as
art director. After working again as art director on Star Wars: The Clone Wars,
he stepped up as studio art director to oversee more global and long-term art
interests. Some of the most recent titles under his supervision are Full Spectrum
Warrior, Battlefront, Mercenaries, and Destroy All Humans.
Don Daglow has served as president and CEO of Stormfront Studios since
founding the company in 1988. At the 2008 Emmy Awards for Technology and

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