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Be Your Own Brand—A Breakthrough Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd

Book Description

Brands are typically associated with products and businesses, but David McNally and Karl Speak suggest the same concept can be applied to individuals and relationships, with powerful results. Be Your Own Brand shows how personal branding, like product branding, creates a special type of relationship fueled by a strong belief system and tied to an emotional connection. The authors help readers understand the importance of relationships as the currency for success in their personal and business lives. They present specific tools for success that include simple principles that define the characteristics of a branded relationship; a clear model that defines one's unique personal brand; and a way to distill the essence of that brand into a meaningful and actionable "brand promise." This blueprint for "personal branding" will help all readers achieve maximum career success — quickly and permanently — without personal compromise or selling out.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Foreword
  4. About The Authors
  5. Personal Branding—Becoming More of Who You Are
    1. What Exactly Is a Brand?
    2. Brand Basics
    3. The Images Between
    4. Quality and Quantity
    5. One Really Nice Guy
    6. The Power of Two (and More)
    7. Getting Down to Business
  6. Personal Brand Characteristics—Distinctive, Relevant, and Consistent
    1. Strong Personal Brands Are Distinctive
    2. Strong Personal Brands Are Relevant
    3. Strong Personal Brands Are Consistent
    4. The Power of Example
    5. Climbing the Brand Ladder
    6. Some Reflections on Building Your Brand
    7. Strong vs. Moral
    8. Stand for Your Brand
  7. Personal Brand Dimensions—Roles, Standards, and Style
    1. Changing the Focus
    2. Working Distinctions
    3. The Look of a Personal Brand
    4. Roles: Our Relationship with Others
    5. Standards: How You Do It
    6. Style: How You Relate
    7. Building a Brand Picture
    8. Making It Personal
    9. Different Is Imperative
  8. Personal Brand Authenticity—Purpose, Vision, and Values
    1. Values with Value
    2. Authenticity: Time to Step Up
    3. First Signpost: Purpose—What Is My Life About?
    4. Second Signpost: Vision—What Do I Want to Create?
    5. Third Signpost: Values—What Do I Hold to Be True?
    6. Brand Values Profile
    7. Top 7 “Very Important” Values
  9. Personal Brand Framework—Defining Your Unique Brand
    1. Personal Brand Management Framework
    2. Making an Emotional Connection
    3. Your Brand Dimensions
    4. The Soul of a Brand
    5. Clear, but in Context
    6. Broken Window Syndrome
    7. Using Your Brand Dimensions
    8. Your Brand Platform
  10. Personal Brand Promise—Making a Commitment to Your Brand
    1. Achieving Brand Alignment
    2. Brand Promise to Keep
    3. Helloooo, Federal
    4. A Platform for Promises
    5. Targeting Your Brand Promise
    6. Making It Personal
    7. Your Brand Promise at Work
    8. Your Brand Promise to a Spouse or Life Partner
    9. Your Brand Promise as a Parent
    10. Your Brand Promise as a Friend
    11. Moving beyond Brand Basics
  11. Personal Brand Strategies—Measuring and Strengthening Your Brand
    1. Building Brand Equity
    2. Brands That Last
    3. A Word about Transactions
    4. Measuring as a Process
    5. Ask Around
    6. Seek Consistency
    7. Indirect Measurement Tools
    8. Brand Management Tools
  12. Sign Up or Sign Out—Aligning with Your Employer's Brand
    1. Our Life's Work
    2. Multiple Brand Dynamics
    3. Above and Beyond
    4. Linking with Your Employer's Brand
    5. A Provocative Premise
    6. Thriving instead of Surviving
  13. The Courage to Live Your Brand
    1. The Art and Soul of a Personal Brand
  14. Brand Values Profile
    1. Top 7 “Very Important” Values
  15. Personal Brand Manifestos
  16. Appendix III. Reading List
  17. Index