[ -b branch ] 
  [ -d ] 
  [ -I pattern ] 
  [ -k kflag ] 
  [ -m message ] 
  [ -W spec ] 
  module vendor_tag release_tag ...

Import an entire directory into the repository as a new module. Used to incorporate code from outside sources or other code that was initially created outside the control of the CVS repository. More than one release_tag may be specified, in which case multiple symbolic tags are created for the initial revision.

The vendor_tag argument tracks third-party code that may be used in your project. By using different values for this argument, you can track the third-party code separately and upgrade that portion of your code to a new release with a subsequent cvs import command. Because the argument is not optional, use some conventional value such as “vendor” whenever the code being imported shouldn’t be tracked separately.

The release_tag argument associates a symbolic tag with the initial version of every file being imported. Because this argument is not optional, use some conventional value such as “start” whenever you don’t have a more meaningful value to provide.

The standard meaning of the common client option -k applies. Additional options are:

-b branch

Import to a vendor branch.


Use the modification date and time of the file instead of the current date and time as the import date and time. For local repository locators only.

-I pattern

Filename patterns for files to ignore.

-m message

Use message as the log message instead of invoking the editor. ...

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