People matter:
the inside track
to success
Its people who make marketing work. Whether youre a
member of the marketing team or the person running the show,
you depend on many people, both inside and outside the mar-
keting department. This section looks at ways to get more from
the people, resources and budgets available to you.
13 Get everyone on board
Your colleagues can be your greatest ambassadors, but only if
they know your products, understand your marketplace and are
aware of your marketing campaigns. Put internal communica-
tions on your priority list and thus add a free promotional tool
to your marketing weapons.
14 Expand your team without hiring
If you’ve got a small marketing team, what do you do when
you have to organise a major exhibition or tackle a time-con-
suming project like a new website? It may be impractical
to hire additional staff and existing staff may not have the
right skills. Marketing resourcing services are available from
specialist recruitment consultancies who supply staff with
appropriate skills for the duration of a specific project, complet-
ing the project effectively and leaving your team to deal with
day-to-day tasks.
15 Partnership – more power to your
marketing elbow
Collaboration with business partners can give you access to
new products, new technologies, new skills, new markets.
Why waste valuable investment funds when a partner can give
you immediate access to the resources you need to accelerate
marketing success?
16 Measure for measure – just what is
marketing success?
Marketing success can be measured in many different ways,
but it’s important to present your results in terms of return on
investment because that is the language financial controllers
and board members speak.

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