Partnership – more power
to your marketing elbow
company access to new products, new technologies, new
skills and new markets. Why waste valuable investment
funds when a partner can give you immediate access to
the resources you need to accelerate marketing success?
Collaborating on product development programmes, for
example, can help you reduce production costs, make better
use of skilled, specialist resources and speed up time-to-mar-
ket. Partnership brings together the objective knowledge,
experience and specialist skills of people from different com-
panies who can contribute to the development of your new
product more effectively than individual team members in
one company performing their own tasks.
Marketing secret
Partnership expands your marketing resources with
access to new skills, expertise and business opportunities.
236 PART 4 People matter: the inside track to success
This can be important if you are trying to compete in an
increasingly competitive marketplace or moving into new
markets. You may be feeling the pressure of a shorter
product lifecycle, as customers demand more and more inno-
vative features and benefits. Competitive pressures mean
you have to reduce the time and effort involved in bringing
products to market. By collaborating and creating efficient
joint project teams, you can tackle key challenges in the
product development process, improve the success rate of
new products, and grow market share and revenue.
Partnership can bring your company a number of important
Access to scarce skills not available in your own
Additional resources to tackle larger development
projects or reduce lead times.
Access to technologies, components or supplies that can
enhance your own product.
Opportunities to enter new markets where the partner
has an established presence.
Greater marketing resources.
Access to partners’ distribution channels.
Speed up product development
Collaborative product development can help you get a
new product to market in the shortest possible time to
gain competitive advantage. To achieve this, it’s vital that
Partnership – more power to your marketing elbow 237
you and your partners integrate all product development
activities within a common framework. In collaborative
development, the programme can be divided into smaller
critical activities which are then handled
by appropriate partners. As well as design
and manufacturing processes, you can use
external partnership services to handle
market and customer research, distribution,
marketing communications and product
launch. By establishing long-term partnerships with spe-
cialists, you can reduce the learning period and ensure that
every aspect of new product development and launch is
handled quickly and efficiently.
You can also create a stronger culture of innovation by
bringing in partners. Many companies are finding that,
to maintain the pace of innovation and compete effec-
tively, they need to involve external specialists in this
way. Partnership allows your company to focus on its core
strengths and introduce expertise, experience and skills that
you may not have inside the company. That means including
suppliers, partners and customers in an extended enterprise,
with the aim of creating higher-quality products through
increased innovation and a fresh perspective that can
stimulate radical new solutions.
integrate all product
activities within a
common framework
Marketing secret
Partnership can accelerate the pace of innovation by
introducing new skills and fresh perspective.

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