smartcard — Configure and Administer a Smartcard


smartcard -c admin [-a application][propertyname...]
smartcard -c admin [-a application][-x {add|delete|modify}
smartcard -c admin -t service -j classname -x {add|delete|modify}
smartcard -c admin -t terminal -j classname -d device -r
  userfriendlyreadername -n readername -x {add|delete|modify} [-R]
smartcard -c admin -t debug -j classname -l level -x {add|delete|modify}
smartcard -c admin -t override -x {add|delete|modify} propertyname=value
smartcard -c admin -I -k keytype -i filename
smartcard -c admin -E -k keytype -o filename
smartcard -c load -A aid [-r userfriendlyreadername] -P pin [-s slot]
  [-i inputfile][-p propfile][-v][propertyname=value...] smartcard ...

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