Getting Pictures into Your Computer

You can acquire pictures to use in your computer in several ways. You can store pictures in any folder you like. If you don’t have a preference, use the Pictures folder for your user account. You can always move or copy the pictures to another location later, should the need arise.

Getting pictures from a digital camera

Before we tell you how to get pictures from a digital camera, you should understand that we’re talking about the digital cameras that connect through a USB cable and appear as a USB mass storage device. If the method described doesn’t work for your camera, see the manual that came with that camera for details. You may have to install and use the software that came with your camera to get pictures from it, but the following steps will work with most modern digital cameras:

1. Use a USB cable to connect your camera to your computer and turn on the camera.
2. Wait a few seconds, and then:
  • If you see an auto start dialog box like the one in Figure 23.1, click Import Photos And Videos. Then skip to Step 4.

    FIGURE 23.1 AutoPlay options for a digital camera.

  • If nothing happens within a minute or so of connecting and turning on your camera, open Windows Live Photo Gallery. Click File in the toolbar and choose Import Photos Or Videos. Then click the icon for your camera and click Import.
3. In the dialog box shown in Figure 23.2 ...

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