Terminology for Things You Do

If you’re new to computers, the first step is to learn a little terminology about actions you perform to operate the computer. We assume you know what the mouse is. When you move the mouse, the mouse pointer on the screen moves in whatever direction you move the mouse. Most mice have two buttons. The button on the left is the primary or left mouse button. It’s referred to as the primary button because clicking it always makes an action occur directly.

When you rest your hand comfortably on the mouse, the left mouse button should be under your index finger. You don’t want to hold the button down, however. Just rest your index finger on it lightly. If you are left-handed, you can switch the orientation of the buttons using the Mouse applet in the Control Panel.

The button on the right is the secondary or right mouse button. In contrast to the primary mouse button, clicking the secondary mouse button usually doesn’t make an action take place directly; instead, it shows you various actions you can take.

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image Windows 8 includes new terminology for new mouse and touch-based gestures. Those terms are covered in detail in Chapter 2 where you learn more about the new Windows 8 interface. Also, read Chapter 3 for details on how to navigate Windows 8 tablet and mobile devices.
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Mouse terminology

Everyone uses some specific ...

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