The Ideas Behind the Game

The ideas behind the various game systems are best explained in the appendix I provided in the game's manual. Here is that appendix:

After-Dinner Conversation

“That was an excellent dinner, Florin. Please congratulate your chef for me.”

“Thank you, Embert. He certainly did an impressive job tonight.”

“That wine—it's Rhenish, isn't it?”

“I have no idea; I have never pursued oenology. YOU are the man of wealth and taste.”

“So I have been called,” Embert laughed. They had reached Florin's study, a simple room with two comfortable chairs, no decorations, a desk and table, and a fireplace that was not in use. Florin swept up her robe with her arm prior to seating herself.

“So tell me, Florin, have you reconsidered that silly ...

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