advantage that is not easily copied. Unique advantages are those pro-
tected by copyrights, patents, or hard-to-replicate learning and prac-
tices. As the business grows, it will seek innovation and change, move
into markets quickly, and expand into business sectors that are growing
and innovative. Fourth, your experience, expertise, and personal lead-
ership capabilities must be outstanding.
For instance, telecommunications and bioengineering are exam-
ples of industry sectors that reect these characteristics. The entrepre-
neur’s strategy would reect a strong personal desire to grow the
venture, a motivation to devote signicant time and energy to make the
business succeed, and the willingness to give up ownership control to
exit the venture and move on at the appropriate time.
Kim Polese cofounded Marimba Software, a venture that devel-
ops, supports, and congures software. She followed an ambitious
strategy. Marimba, which popularized Sun's Java computer program-
ming language, allowing software developers to write their programs,
created packages to serve Fortune 100 customers as well as many mul-
tinationals around the globe. Polese had personal expertise and experi-
ence in software, as well as high hopes for its success. "I'm the kind of
person who needs to be in a wild, seat-of-the-pants-type organization,"
Polese says.
Deliberate Strategy
A deliberate strategy is for women who have adequate or signicant
resources, but often have lower capabilities or goals. For instance, you
might have top-quality employees, up-to-date facilities, and adequate
cash, but maybe you just want to keep the business manageable, rather
than beyond your control. On the other hand, you might have high
aspirations and adequate resources, but perhaps you need to develop
your management and leadership skills. Either way, you would follow
a deliberate, well-thought-out, and incremental approach to growth.

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