Chapter 17

Concluding Thoughts Before You Start Designing

In This Chapter

  • Learning why now is a great time to be a game designer
  • Designing games with originality in mind
  • Gaining confidence that your audience will find you

The game platforms covered in this book offer all kinds of opportunities for game designers, especially new or indie, low-budget developers. But because the market is so saturated with competition, they also give designers even more chances to fail or fall way short. However, most of the developers and experts I talked to for this book started small. Often, they had little prior experience working in the game industry or didn’t even know how to write code for the games they wanted to design. But, with trial and error and persistence, they were able to turn their passion and talent into a full-fledged career of making games. In this chapter, they’ll share some lessons they learned along the way—advice that’ll inspire you to keep going and wisdom to help keep you focused on that ultimate goal.

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