Here are the key points we covered in this chapter:

  • Facebook, the web, and iOS have three major advantages besides being the most popular game platforms: market acceptance of low-budget games, frictionless connection to social media, and portability to other platforms.
  • Facebook has more than 900 million monthly users, about 30–60 percent who play games on the social network. This includes both genders and all the major age demographics.
  • About 200 million people play web-based games, with an audience that skews teen/young adult and male. Only 20 percent are based in North America, with most of the audience in Europe and in emerging markets like Latin America, Russia, and Turkey.
  • iOS has a total install base of more than 200 million, including 60 million iPads and 110 million monthly game players. About 0.5–6 percent of them (depending on genre) make in-app payments for games.

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