Game Industry Analysts and Other Online Resources

Billy Pidgeon of M2 Research ( has been a game industry analyst for many, many years, and was also the technical editor for this book. If you gained any valuable insights from reading it, a significant part of the thanks goes to him. At M2, he tells me, “We do any-size consulting, and we can offer strategic and tactical advice based on global game industry research broken down by sector.” Consider getting in touch with him:

David Cole of DFC Intelligence ( was also a helpful resource for this book. He is another game analyst resource worth considering; see

As the URL suggests, has a boatload of links and info for indie game developers.

Finally, I highly recommend The International Game Developers Association ( for its resources and community. IGDA is an organization that connects you with other developers, offers a health plan, and even curates Kickstarter funders for game developers; see

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