Chapter 16

Game Design Documents: Tiger Style’s Spider and Waking Mars

In This Chapter

  • Excerpts from Spider’s Design Document
  • Excerpts from Waking Mars’s Design Document

Randy Smith, co-founder of Tiger Style, shared his game development strategy in Chapter 13, “iOS Game Developer Profile: Tiger Style and Hatch.” In this chapter, I’m very grateful that he’s also offered to share selected excerpts from the game design documents for Tiger Style’s first acclaimed hit, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, and the studio’s latest, equally well-received hit, Waking Mars. (I highly recommend downloading and playing both games before reading further!)

Although both games were developed for the iOS, the basic design concepts that Smith explains in this section apply to games on the web and Facebook as well. This is particularly true when (as he explained in Chapter 13) the team is working remotely and needs a clear point of reference to maintain the game’s overall vision.

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