Here are the key points we covered in this chapter:

  • Design now because success usually comes from unexpected places.
  • The market has always been oversaturated with games. Big hits often come from unexpected places. Like your computer.
  • Small iOS/Facebook/web developers have some special advantages over the big publishers (who often fund indie game designers for that very reason).
  • It’s better to design a game you love, because all the work you’ll do to make it won’t feel like work at all.
  • It’s better to design a game that’s as original as possible, because imitations are risky and you probably won’t love making them.
  • When you do design games similar to those that have worked before, be sure to add your own spin.
  • Be prepared to fail, because your first failed games are steps to ultimate success.
  • Great games will eventually gain an audience, because they’ll find passionate advocates.
  • Games for the web, Facebook, and iOS now reach a larger audience than any before. Don’t miss this chance to create for these platforms.

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