More Macintosh Conduits

Palm Desktop wasn’t the only piece of software Palm released in early 1999; in some ways, the new Macintosh conduit-management software is even more significant, because it opens the way for other software companies to create hookups between the PalmPilot and other Mac programs.

You can find a complete and regularly updated list of Mac-compatible conduits at But see Table 9.6 for a few examples to get you started.

Table 9-6. Palm/MacIntosh Conduit Products

Mac Program

Conduit for PalmPilot


FileMaker Pro

FM Sync synchronizes your FileMaker Pro database information with JFile, a popular Palm database; see Chapter 12.

Tsuk Software, ($38)

Eudora, Outlook Express, Claris Emailer

MultiMail Conduit lets you use your favorite Mac email program to send and receive messages, as described in Chapter 13—and then HotSyncs it to the built-in Palm Mail program on your palmtop.

Actual Software, ($30 for the conduit, $40 for MultiMail)


BrainForest is an outliner/thought processor for both Macintosh and the PalmPilot; two-way syncing is planned for early 2000.

Aportis, ($30, or $39 for the professional edition)

Chronos Consultant

Chronos Consultant is an excellent, full-fledged calendar/address book program, along the lines of Palm Desktop itself—but with more features, such as a built-in journal, speech features, and networkability.

Chronos, ...

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