Where to Get Doc Books

You can get e-books to pour into your PalmPilot from three primary sources: the CD-ROM that comes with this book; the World Wide Web; and your own hard drive.

E-books Included with This Book

On the CD-ROM that accompanies this book, you’ll find several years’ worth of reading material for your PalmPilot—nearly 600 e-books. The nearly complete works of Shakespeare; philosophy; poetry; science-fiction novels; and thick sheaves of traveler information await your perusal. See the database on this book’s CD-ROM for a complete list.

(If it seems to you that the preponderance of e-books for the PalmPilot are ancient classics, you’re right: the copyright on these works has expired, making them free for distribution without payment to anyone. Aristotle’s descendants don’t get a nickel.)

E-books on the Web

Every week, more electronic texts are posted online. If you have Internet access, the following electronic libraries, in the form of .prc or .pdb files (see Chapter 7), await your browser. (As with anything Internet-related, these sites’ existence is confirmed only as of this writing.) All of it’s free.

MemoWare.com (http://www.memoware.com)

The big Kahuna of the e-book sites, having merged with rivals The Lending Library and The PalmPilot E-Text Library in the last year. Highlights of the Fiction category include a huge assortment of Sherlock Holmes titles, plus samplings of Tolstoy, Melville (Moby Dick), Dickens, Jack London, Jane Austen, and Willa Cather. ...

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