The Palm Extras

As though to atone for its former neglect of the Macintosh community, Palm Computing includes an assortment of delicious add-ons with the MacPac. (They’re in the Palm Extras folder, on this book’s CD-ROM.)

Some of the software is described by Palm as “unsupported,” which means “Works for us, but you’re on your own if it doesn’t work on your setup.” Just look at all you get.

Faster HotSync

Once installed on your PalmPilot, this software module nearly doubles the speed of HotSyncing to a Macintosh (to 112 Kbps instead of the usual 56). Be sure to choose the appropriate version of this file—a separate file is included for the Palm V, for example—and perform a soft reset of your PalmPilot after the installation (instructions in Chapter 17). (But don’t install this amazing utility if you HotSync the same PalmPilot to Windows PC and the Macintosh.)

Infrared HotSyncing Software

If you’re the proud owner of a PowerBook or an original iMac model, you can actually HotSync simply by pointing your Palm III or later model at your computer’s infrared jack—no cradle needed. This kit consists of four files you drag onto your Mac’s System Folder icon, plus four files you install onto your PalmPilot (their names end with the usual .prc suffix). Sure enough, you can now HotSync through the air, provided the infrared jacks are facing each other and within a few feet.


Palm Desktop is extremely AppleScript-savvy. AppleScript is a simple programming language that lets you automate ...

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