When you first use a Doc reader, it’s set up to scroll a screen at a time. That’s just the beginning of your scrolling options, however.

Scrolling a Page at a Time

To “turn pages,” you can press the plastic up/down scroll buttons at the bottom of the PalmPilot; alternatively, you can tap (with the stylus or, more conveniently, with your finger). Tap below the screen’s midline to scroll downward; tap above the midline to scroll to the previous page.

If you find yourself mostly scrolling downward, consider changing the settings so that a tap anywhere on the screen turns to the next “page.” (If you do need to refer back to something you’ve already read, you can always press the plastic scroll-up button.) To do so in AportisDoc, tap Menu Preferences Tapping Only Scrolls Down; tap OK. In SmartDoc, tap Menu Options Preferences Down Only; tap OK.


You may quickly notice one disconcerting aspect of scrolling in your Doc reader: using the PalmPilot’s “page down” mechanism doesn’t repeat the bottom line of the previous screen at the top of the new screen, unlike word processors on your desktop computer. You’re expected to remember “He reached into the box and pulled out” when you see “a grisly dismembered muskrat” at the top of the next screen.

Fortunately, you can change this behavior. AportisDoc: Tap Menu Preferences Overlap Screens OK. SmartDoc: Tap Menu Options Preferences Overlap Line OK. TealDoc: Tap Menu Preferences Part (under the Screen ...

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