Category Manager Overview

The Category Manager (see Figure 5-7) displays the categories of your site. These are the “file folders” for your articles. As described above for sections, you can also perform a number of tasks like copying, editing, deleting, and creating categories. We’ll start off by creating your first category.

The Category Manager

Figure 5-7. The Category Manager

Creating Categories

Creating categories works very much the same way as sections. To create a category, you must already have at least one section. Using our previous example of pets like dogs, you would create categories for dog breeds.

  1. Go to the Category Manager and click the New button in the top toolbar. You’ll see the Category Editor (see Figure 5-8).

  2. Enter a category title. Select a parent Section for this category.

  3. Choose an access level—either Public, Registered, or Special. Most often this will be set to Public. If set to Registered, registered users or higher will have access. Special means only Administrators will have access. For more information on access levels, see Permissions.

  4. Optionally, you may also enter a description of the category in the text box. This information will show up on category pages when the menu item parameter is enabled. For more information about this parameter, see Menu Item Parameters.

  5. Click Save.

Figure 5-8. Create a new category

Publishing and Unpublishing Categories

In the Category Manager, you ...

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