Finding and Installing Languages

You can install as many languages as you like, but we recommend you only use accredited translations that have been fully tested. A bad language string or improperly encoded language file can take down an entire site. Visit the code repository on JoomlaCode at

Click the Files link on the left to see the available packs. There are two separate package (ZIP) files for both the site and administrator languages. Each package contains separate INI files for each section of Joomla, an XML installation file, and an XML information file for the Language Manager.

Installing Other Languages

It’s the same process whether you’re installing an admin language pack or a site language pack. To install a language pack:

  1. Go to ExtensionsInstall/Uninstall and click the Choose File button to select a ZIP file.

  2. Navigate to the language pack on your computer hard drive.

  3. Click the Upload File & Install button.

You can install each individual language pack for the site or the admin, but we usually install both just in case. In the Language Manager (see Figure 14-2), we’ve installed two language packs for the frontend of our site—German and Slovak.

Language Manager: Extra frontend site languages—Default Language: English

Figure 14-2. Language Manager: Extra frontend site languages—Default Language: English

Assigning a Language Pack to the Site or Administrator

Now we’re going to assume that the site administrator ...

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