Content Tagging: Organize and Connect Related Content Using JXtended Labels

  • Extension: JXtended Labels

  • Website:

  • Cost: $40 USD

  • License: GNU/GPL

  • Minimum requirements: Joomla 1.5.7, MySQL 4.1+, PHP 5.2.x

The ability to label (or tag) your content is a powerful concept. It’s the equivalent of putting a tiny sticker on each item that gives it a description. The more you “describe” your content (with more stickers), the more connections form between related pieces of information—sometimes in ways you didn’t expect.

Planning and Creating Your Labels

Helen wants to connect her site content in ways that she hasn’t before. For example, when she tags disparate items that are in completely different areas of the site—like an article, a contact, and event—users can easily find related items by clicking on the tags appearing next to each.

Before you create tags, you should give some thought to specific keywords that describe your site content. Helen will start creating labels with words like Dog, Cat, Fish, or Reptile. These are good high-level descriptors, but getting specific will help site users get specific as well. Helen’s other labels will drill down deeper with words like Labrador retriever, Calico, Goldfish, and Iguana. Additional labels might be colors or attributes like Fur, Scales, Wings, or Fins.

We recommend you start simple with your labels and then explore the parameters and options as your content grows. To start setting up a few labels:

  1. Go to ComponentsLabels in the ...

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