Built-in Administrator Modules

Modules aren’t only displayed on the frontend of your site. They’re also used on the backend of your site in the administrator interface to display relevant information. You can see which Administrator Modules are active by clicking the Administrator tab in the Module Manager (see Figure 9-7).

Administrator Module Manager

Figure 9-7. Administrator Module Manager

The Administrator Modules listed in the following sections are built-in, but not all are active.

Navigation Modules

Admin Menu

Displays the main administrator navigation module.

Admin SubMenu

Displays the submenu navigation.


Displays the toolbar icons.

Quick Icons

Displays the icons on the administrator main page.

User Modules

Login Form

Shows the administrator login form.

Online Users

Shows a list of the logged-in users on the backend.

Logged in Users

Shows a list of the logged-in users on the frontend and backend.

User Status

Displays the status of logged-in users.

News Modules

Latest News

Shows a list of the latest articles published.

Feed Display

Displays the results of an RSS feed.

Other Modules

Custom HTML

Displays custom HTML.

Popular Articles

Shows the articles with the most views.


Displays the Joomla license, links, and information.


Shows the toolbar title.

Item Stats

Shows the number of current menu items in each menu.

Unread Messages

Displays the number of unread messages.

Creating an Administrator Module works in the same fashion ...

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