Creating a Language Pack

There will be rare cases when a language you need isn’t available, or you might not need an entirely different language, but just want to customize some of the language strings in an existing language pack to your preference. Both can be accomplished by creating a custom language pack.

We recommend using the Translation Manager extension to create a new language pack. Visit the JoomlaCode repositroy at, where you can download it for free.

Click the Files link on the left to see the download link for the latest version.

Install the Translation Manager extension like any other extension by using the Extension Manager (see Chapter 15 for help with installing extensions). Go to ComponentsTranslation Manager to see the main screen, shown in Figure 14-9.

The Translation Manager main screen

Figure 14-9. The Translation Manager main screen

Let’s take a look at the Translation Manager toolbar options:

View Files

To view the files that accompany a translation package, click the radio button next to the name and click the View Files icon. From there you can edit individual language files. This is the same as clicking the number of files in the Files column.


Click the radio button next to the language name and then the Default icon to make it the default language for this site. This is the same as assigning a frontend or backend language in the Language Manager. ...

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