Adding and Editing Users

It’s more common for users to register themselves, but sometimes you may want to add them yourself. To add users, go to the User Manager and click the New icon on the toolbar. Then fill out their relevant details.


Once you click Save, an email will be sent to the email address of the new user with her account details.

To edit an existing user, you can either click the user’s name or you can check the box next to the user’s name and click Edit on the toolbar. The screens are identical except that when you are editing a user, the fields are populated with the current user’s data. Figure 12-2 shows the User: [Edit] screen.

User: [Edit] screen

Figure 12-2. User: [Edit] screen

The User screen is divided up into three distinct areas: User Details, Parameters, and Contact Information.

User Details


The Name field can be whatever you want. In Figure 12-2, you can see that the Name of this user is Administrator. It just as easily could have been a full name like Gene Kelly.


The Username field is the user’s login. Usernames must be at least two characters long and should not contain any symbols.


This is the user’s email address.

New Password

Enter the user’s password here. Although not secure and definitely not recommended, you could technically assign a password of one character. The only requirement for this field is that it is not blank and that it matches the Verified Password ...

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