Venturing into E-Mail Metrics

E-mail marketing is a whole other ballgame entirely, with its own vocabulary. And, of course, you can track e-mail metrics in Google Analytics. You may be surprised to find out, though, that I recommend against relying solely on Google Analytics for this task.

remember.eps Your first challenge with e-mail marketing is not violating e-mail marketing rules and being put in “e-mail jail” for being spammy (see Figure 9-3). Because e-mail marketing is permission-based marketing and faulty e-mail marketing can trigger the reflex for folks to list you as spam, it’s best to use a program designed for the purpose of e-mail marketing from the beginning of each e-mail campaign or newsletter you send.

Figure 9-3: Mail Chimp is a great e-mail marketing platform for avoiding e-mail jail.


In fact, if you’re a Gmail user who does DIY Internet marketing for your business and you’ve ever tried to send your newsletter out on your own, you may have received the “You have exceeded 100 e-mails per hour” message and had your account locked for 24 hours. Other web hosts like Bluehost or Go Daddy limit the number of e-mails you send an hour as well.

warning_bomb.eps Not only are there volume limits on ...

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