How This Book Is Organized

To ensure that you can access the right information, when you need it most, this book has 11 minibooks. Each one addresses a general business topic (such as marketing), a specific area of online business (such as selling on eBay), or a niche idea or trendy way to build an online business (such as using Facebook or Google+).

Because this book is a reference tool, it works best if you can quickly flip to the sections that most apply to you — regardless of whether you're starting, growing, or expanding a business online. This section provides a glimpse of the material you find inside.

Book I: Online Business Basics

From the best way to finance your venture to fine-tuning your business plan, Book I touches on everything. You might already know some things but need a review of other issues. Or, you might simply want reassurance that your idea is viable. Book I explains how to validate your online business concept, and even provides inspiration to nudge you forward in the right direction.

Book II: Legal and Accounting

Book II is all about protecting your assets. Find out whether you should operate as a sole proprietor or incorporate, and then set up a good record-keeping system to keep your online business on track. Don't forget to review what the IRS expects of you, now that you're a business owner. You find this information, and more, to ensure that your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed.

Book III: Web Site Design

Your Web site is a key factor in creating ...

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