Growing with Your New Business Partner

After you use Yahoo! tools to build and run your Web site, you're probably ready to expand and grow your business further. That's why Yahoo! partnered with a number of companies that can help any online business grow, and those companies provide special discounts for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions members.

Marketing programs

You can spread the message of your business in many ways, through the Internet and in the physical world. Most people find that their biggest limitation is time because there are many more programs than there are hours in the day. That's where automation comes in. Yahoo! provides you with several ways to automate important merchandising features.

Shopping directory listings

If you're already using one of biggest search companies to manage your Web site, why not tap into its networks? Yahoo! has its huge Yahoo! Shopping powered by PriceGrabber, and you can pay to have your items listed as part of the Yahoo! Shopping network or Yahoo! Shopping and the PriceGrabber directory. Millions of unique shoppers use Yahoo! Shopping every month to find all sorts of products.

As a Yahoo! merchant, you qualify for a 20 percent discount when you submit your products to the Yahoo! Shopping directory. You then pay only when a potential customer clicks a product link of yours, whether that link showed up in its search results or after the customer read one of the Yahoo! Buyer Guides. Because Yahoo! can verify your status, it acknowledges your ...

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