Getting Started

Even after reading this entire chapter, you might still consider having an online business to be a dream — a vision for your future. At this point, you might want to test the water to see whether it's right for you, just as you dip your toe into a pool before diving in. At some point, though, you have to decide to go for it. To that end, this checklist describes what you need to do to begin wading into your own online business:

  • Make the decision to commit. Although you don't have to quit your day job yet, you need to acknowledge that you're ready to pursue your goal. Say aloud, “I want to start an online business!”
  • Set clear goals. Write down why you want this business and what you expect to gain from it. These goals can be related to financial objectives, lifestyle goals, or both. If you know what you're looking for, you can also more easily choose the right business to meet your needs.
  • Talk with your family. After you commit to your idea and establish your goals, share your plan. If you're married or living with a partner, you must talk about your vision for the future. After all, your dream for an online business affects that person's life too. Discussing your plans with family is also a helpful step in making your business a reality.
  • Create an action timeline. Unlike the broad goals you set in the first item in this list, writing down specific action steps can help you realize tangible results. From researching business ideas to obtaining a business license, ...

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