2.7 Bar Diagrams

Graph > Bar Chart


For example: We could represent the number of men and women according to their physical activity level.

Graph > Bar Chart: Counts of Unique Values, Stack

Categorical variables: Activity Sex


Transform the previous graph that uses the default options, for the next one:


The carried out procedure to change the appearance of the bar chart is:

  • Remove the color from the bars: Double-click over any bar to open up a dialog box (headed by Edit bars, tab: Atributes) and in Fill Pattern choose the option Custom and then select the white color in Background color.
  • Use a distinct fill type according to sex. The bars must be active (if not, do so by clicking over any of them). Click over the upper part of a bar (the part corresponding to Sex=2) and then double-click on it. In Fill Pattern, choose the option Custom and in Type select the fill type to use. Repeat the same operation for the bottom part of the bar.
  • Assign names to the numeric values used to codify the variables Sex and Activity using the command: Data > Code > Numeric to text. For the variable Sex:

Likewise, the values of the variable activity can be transformed substituting them for their ...

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