Blocking and Allowing Specific Addresses

A very useful tool in the fight against spam is Outlook’s ability to define lists of e-mail addresses and domains that are always blocked or always allowed through.

Defining safe senders

A safe sender is a person, or more precisely an e-mail address, whose e-mail messages are always considered to be okay—not spam—regardless of the content. Sometimes a safe senders list is called a white list. You can create a safe senders list based on your contacts and by entering individual addresses. You can also specify entire domains as safe—for example, all messages from would be considered to be safe. Here are the steps to follow:

Choose Tools Options from the main Outlook window to display the Options dialog box.
On the Preferences tab, click the Junk E-Mail button. Outlook displays the Junk E-Mail dialog box.
If necessary, click the Safe Senders tab (shown in Figure 28-2).
Figure 28-2. Defining your Safe Senders list.

Blocking/Allowing Individual Senders

The context menu is a fast way to add addresses to your safe and blocked lists. All you have to do is right-click the message in the Inbox (or whatever folder it is in), choose Junk E-Mail from the context menu, and then choose the desired action from the next menu. If ...

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