Basic Configuration

A simple installation of LILO requires the configuration of the basic pieces of the /etc/ lilo.conf file and running the map installer. A sample configuration of the /etc/lilo.conf file is shown here:

# /etc/lilo.conf - generated by Lizard

# target

boot = /dev/hda1
install = /boot/boot.b

# options

delay = 50
timeout = 50
message = /boot/message

default = linux

image = /boot/vmlinuz-pc97-2.2.14-modular
        label  = linux
        root   = /dev/hda1
        vga    = 274
        append = "debug=2 noapic nosmp"

The lilo.conf file is quite simple. As is typical with most configuration files, lines beginning with a hash mark (#) are comment lines. The lilo.conf configuration file consists of three primary sections: the general section (sometimes ...

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